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‘A right décor is just a part of good Interior design’

Interior Designing is the pompous expression of a good taste which is represented via a perfectly decorated space. Especially when it comes to Office Interior Designing, a décor needs to be classy, productive and alluring. From right fabrics to the soothing colour scheme, each detailing is required special attention to produce a wonderful outcome as – 'perfect office interior design'

Interior designing is the process of setting aesthetically pleasing solutions with the optimum use of space. It aims at enhancing the user experience and manage the given space beautifully by concentrating on its core strengths.

A convenient location is a key to draw the clients however an excellent office interior influences the decision making.

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What makes Abby M best office Space Interior Designer in Bangalore?

Why do I need an Interior designer in Bangalore when so many DIY hacks are available?

Well! Because Interior Designing is Art! Yes, there are so many DIY hacks available across the internet. But, there are virtually so many points like the location of your house, ventilation provision, budget factors, space available, etc. which need to be considered before drawing out perfect interior design for your space.

Abby M is an expert office designer firm in Bangalore which has years of experience in designing fantabulous office and other commercial spaces. With 100+ projects successfully handled so far, Abby M is a leading office designer in Bangalore.

An in-house dedicated team at Abby M focuses on delivering the best services to their clients. The highly committed engineers at Abby M ensure the world-class designing for your office space to enhance productivity and impress your clients at first glance.

We believe in being attentive to the requirements of our clients and deliver results up to their expectations. By zeroing on your needs, we offer award-winning designs and concepts within given timelines.

Our proven experience of office interior designing of any property size makes us versatile interior decorators. We are a trusted interior designing agency who has completed several commercial projects in Bangalore.

How Abby M shape your office interiors perfectly?

The performance and service quality of any office interior designer firm determines its credibility and reputation in the market. It is equally important for the top office interior designers to treat their employees and clients well.
  • U-Shaped Kitchen Interiors

When your kitchen space contains three adjoining backspaces, this is the best kitchen interior design to go with. This design offers ample storage for your kitchen appliances and utensils and appearing to be spacious to work smoothly. Considered as one of the efficient kitchen types, walls are lined up with cabinets to add natural space. 

  • Parallel Kitchen Interiors

Also known as Gallery Kitchen, two working areas are installed in this type of kitchen to offer better counter space to work. You can easily segregate the task and are never short of countertops. This is an ideal design for big families. 

  • L-Shaped Kitchen Interiors

This classic layout is incredibly popular among the homeowners. Two adjacent benchtops are used under this kitchen to form an L-shape. A convenient working triangle is formed between fridge, stove and the kink to facilitate the homeowner to work with ease in the kitchen. This design offers good movement as there is ample open space within.

  • Modular Kitchen

Cabinets under modular kitchen are made up of diversified material to efficiently handle the wear and tear in the process of reassembling and dismantling. The wall cabinets and floor units can be easily reinstalled and hence considered best if you change home frequently. Enjoy the innovative kitchen interior with Abby M – the best modular Kitchen designer in Bangalore which assures world-class services as fractional pricing.

  • Island Kitchen

This kitchen design required ample space in your living room to make your kitchen a part of it. This is a popular choice in modern houses which offer extra storage space. This kitchen incorporates the additional seating option as your living room and kitchen area are separately defined. The layout of this Kitchen could be straight or layout depending on the space availability.

  • Straight Kitchen

A single countertop with no complex angles makes this type of kitchen a considerable choice for apartments and studios. It offers optimum efficiency with the minimal layout. The cabinets are ergonomically placed over the countertop with a set of linear drawers below the counter-space. It is an elegant choice for houses with limited spaces.

What are the core areas covered by Abby M?

With the diverse experience in the field of office interior designing, we hold expertise in the following fields:
  • Lifestyle spaces such as spa and saloon which are centred around the healthy lifestyle and beauty
  • Medical facilities such as Labs, Clinics and Hospitals
  • Retail spaces such as showrooms, Boutiques and stores to offer a smooth shopping experience
  • Educational spaces such as colleges, primary schools, playschool inspiring the development and learning
  • Hospitality spaces such as Restaurants, cafes and bars
  • Other workspaces and offices which represent the desired culture and strengthen employee retention

Transforming your spaces into abode.

Let our expert Interior designers assess your spaces and come propose a robust plan to make it an abode.

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Latest Projects

Images below depict our interior design portfolio images executed at our client place. We've displayed only a few our portfolio works.

What are the major services which are covered by Abby M?

The wide range of office designing services at Abby M includes:
  • Workplace Designing: To start or flourish a business, workspace is the first and significant requirement. A detailed workspace strategy helps in changing the fundamental behaviour of the people working in any organization and improve the overall business performance.


  • Interior Designing: The interior of your office is the first impression which your client gets on your first meeting and largely influence their decision making. We excel at designing the small as well as large office spaces exceptionally.


  • Fitout and refurbishment: Whether you are expanding your business or looking for diversification, refurbishment is the prerequisite. We are proficient in imbibing the pulsating vibes to your office space with our exceptional refurbishment skills.


  • Furniture: the cosiness of any office space is largely dominated by the type of furniture it holds. Our ergonomically designed furniture pieces add creativity and uniqueness to your office décor.


  • Project Management: Irrespective of which phase you are into your office construction, our skilled team at Abby M can take up your office interior project to deliver the best results. We expedite, streamline and ease your building project with our years of experience and expertise.


  • Renovation: Renovating a space is all about adding value by creating a difference to it. At Abby M, we have years of experience in renovating different types of office and commercial spaces efficiently and quickly.

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From conceptualizing to designing and creating a marvel office space, Abby M is considered as the best office interior decorators in Bangalore. Our workshops offer the leveraging to your projects by offering the fabrication, craft millwork and furniture.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your office interior designing needs in Bangalore. We understand that each project is unique. Hence, due consideration is given to the various factors such as space available, preferences of the client, work environment, number of employees, budgets etc, before crafting a well-suited interior designing plan.

'we aim at maximizing your workspace and minimizing the cost of interior works'

Whether you leased office space or rented a one, the right business environment is a must for accelerated business growth. Interiors of any office largely predominated the vibes of the environment within and directly impact the productivity of employees.

Hence, you need a creative interior designer to offer competent and world-class interior designing solutions. If you are looking for quick and efficient project deliveries for your office interior designing, we are here to serve you the best.

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