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Master Bedroom Makeover – Week#6 challenge

The bedroom is expected to be the cosiest place of your home where you can enjoy a restful and rejuvenating sleep after a hectic day at work. After your office, this is the place where you spend most of your time in relaxing yourself and re-energize for an upcoming hectic day. Hence, it needs some unique detailing by expert interior designers in Bangalore to make it inviting and invigorating.

At Abby Manchester, we have years of experience in crafting majestic bedrooms which suits your lifestyle and preferences.

So, here we go with some incredible ideas which can give a complete makeover to your master bedroom which will hook you forever:

Focus on minimalistic décor to appear it spacious and inviting. Yes! Most of the bedrooms are cluttered with un-required accessories leading to crowded space. It is crucial to keep the interiors minimal to ensure a functional space around the bed.

Select a pastel colour-scheme with light textures to accentuate its liveliness. Often the dark colour-schemes impose an exasperating effect when you stay there for longer. So, right from your bed linen to the curtains, incorporate the light floral hues to makes it appear spacious and inviting. 

Side tables and side lamps not only accentuate the décor but also practically useful. These small cabinets hold plenty of your essentials. Use contrasting handles to add modernity to your room.

An upholstered bed is an excellent addition to the room of any size. However, high upholstered bed goes well the prominent places. Add a captivating wall-art just above your upholstered bed is the ideal way to add a contemporary touch to your décor.

For ardent readers, we can’t miss a compact table with side lamp. Placing it just below you TV replaces well a television cabinet. To utilize the space at its best, you can place a comfortable seat under the table. Ensure the seat has wheels so that it can be pulled out quickly to grab a quick reading session.  

A versatile golden frame mirror is must add a rustic look to your bedroom—a lively plant on the one side and a vintage lamp on another, complement each other perfectly. For the rooms with enough spaces, adding two wooden chair makes sense.

Place a comforting chair at the corner of your room to cherish some relaxing moments. Decorate it with a cushion which adds to your ease and your room’s style. 

Floor carpeting is the best way to add much-needed warmth to your bedroom and make its cosy place to rest in. 

You can observe how a simple bedroom has turned into a warm and bracing room of your dreams with these easy tips. 

So, what are you waiting for? Your bedroom needs a quick makeover too! 

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