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Kitchen is the heart of every home, so we make it pulsating!

No home in this world is without a kitchen. From your first recipe to your first-morning coffee, the kitchen is the only place you start with. So, how can you think of ignoring the interiors of this vivacious place and let it be boring?

Well, Kitchen interiors are as important as the interiors of other rooms in your house. To ensure the optimum usage of the specified space in the kitchen, it is important to consider the Best Kitchen Interior Designers in Bangalore.

‘Make your cooking experience exciting with a complete makeover of your kitchen with Abby M’

Not just aesthetically appealing, it is equally important to be functional to ensure the smooth working in a kitchen. Only the best interior designers in Bangalore have in-depth knowledge about the various aspects which should be considered while constructing a modular kitchen. Detailed and serious attention is required in considering the aspects like ventilation, lightening, placement of home appliances and utensils to make it clutter-free and appealing.

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Why do I need an Interior designer in Bangalore when so many DIY hacks are available?

Well! Because Interior Designing is Art! Yes, there are so many DIY hacks available across the internet. But, there are virtually so many points like the location of your house, ventilation provision, budget factors, space available, etc. which need to be considered before drawing out perfect interior design for your space.

What makes Abby M the best kitchen interior designer in Bangalore?


With our diverse experience in interior designing, we introduce ourselves as the leading kitchen interior designers with over 16 years of experience. Our skilled team focuses on evaluating your needs, requirements and budgets. The basis on them, a detailed kitchen interior design plan is sent to your for approval. 

With the experience of working on more than 150 projects in Kitchen renovation and construction, Abby M promises timely delivery at reasonable pricing. 

Some of the factors which mark the distinction of Abby M as prominent Kitchen interior designers in Bangalore are as follows:

  • Detailed attention to the ventilation provisions
  • Ample lightening provisions
  • Spacious and ultra-modern kitchen designs 
  • Optimum space usages with right kitchen appliances placement
  • High-quality materials used to make the durable kitchen

What are the various types of Kitchen Interiors?

Kitchen interiors are broadly classified into six categories as follows:
  • U-Shaped Kitchen Interiors

When your kitchen space contains three adjoining backspaces, this is the best kitchen interior design to go with. This design offers ample storage for your kitchen appliances and utensils and appearing to be spacious to work smoothly. Considered as one of the efficient kitchen types, walls are lined up with cabinets to add natural space. 

  • Parallel Kitchen Interiors

Also known as Gallery Kitchen, two working areas are installed in this type of kitchen to offer better counter space to work. You can easily segregate the task and are never short of countertops. This is an ideal design for big families. 

  • L-Shaped Kitchen Interiors

This classic layout is incredibly popular among the homeowners. Two adjacent benchtops are used under this kitchen to form an L-shape. A convenient working triangle is formed between fridge, stove and the kink to facilitate the homeowner to work with ease in the kitchen. This design offers good movement as there is ample open space within.

  • Modular Kitchen

Cabinets under modular kitchen are made up of diversified material to efficiently handle the wear and tear in the process of reassembling and dismantling. The wall cabinets and floor units can be easily reinstalled and hence considered best if you change home frequently. Enjoy the innovative kitchen interior with Abby M – the best modular Kitchen designer in Bangalore which assures world-class services as fractional pricing.

  • Island Kitchen

This kitchen design required ample space in your living room to make your kitchen a part of it. This is a popular choice in modern houses which offer extra storage space. This kitchen incorporates the additional seating option as your living room and kitchen area are separately defined. The layout of this Kitchen could be straight or layout depending on the space availability.

  • Straight Kitchen

A single countertop with no complex angles makes this type of kitchen a considerable choice for apartments and studios. It offers optimum efficiency with the minimal layout. The cabinets are ergonomically placed over the countertop with a set of linear drawers below the counter-space. It is an elegant choice for houses with limited spaces.

Transforming your spaces into abode.

Let our expert Interior designers assess your spaces and come propose a robust plan to make it an abode.

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What are the benefits of renovating Kitchen interiors?

Cooking space needs to be interesting as well as convenient to enhance your productivity while cooking. It is crucial to update an outdated kitchen to make your cooking space worthwhile. Here are some of the benefits of renovating an outdated kitchen interior:
  • It extends durability

The kitchen interiors including faucets are prone to the torments due to years of use. Hence, it becomes important to replace them and add value to your workspace. Instead of replacing the stuff one by one, it is cost-effective to give a makeover to the entire kitchen.  

  • It improves functionality

With the changing trends, the style of cooking also changes. If you are using a decade-old kitchen, it might not be equipped at par with the latest cooking styles. Hence, it is recommended to consider kitchen renovation to improve your functionality and enhance its productivity.

  • To control the operational expenses

Remember, renovation of your kitchen is not an expense, it is an investment indeed. By switching to better faucets, you can save on water bills. Similarly, with appropriate ventilation and lighting provisions, you can cut down your operational expenses drastically in the longer run.


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