Interior Designers in Bangalore to Turn Your Spaces into Abode

A home is a place where the heart is! And top interior designers in Bangalore are the ones who make a space – a home. Whether it is a commercial space, or a residential apartment, making the most out of it is impossible without a skilled interior designer.

When the property rates are high in Bangalore, there is no point in wasting even an 'inch' of your space. However, in the quest to use the entire area, you may end up a full house. Here is when a good interior design company in Bangalore comes into picture.

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Why do I need an Interior designer in Bangalore when so many DIY hacks are available?

Well! Because Interior Designing is Art! Yes, there are so many DIY hacks available across the internet. But, there are virtually so many points like the location of your house, ventilation provision, budget factors, space available, etc. which need to be considered before drawing out perfect interior design for your space.

Why is Abby M the best interior design company in Bangalore?


Counted among the top 10 interior designers in Bangalore, Abby M Interiors is the trusted name in interior design with an experience of more than 16 years. Our team of experienced designers in Bangalore inspects every nook of your space to design the best layout for your dream home or make the most out of your commercial space. 

To give your interiors a distinguished look, we offer the immersive designs with varied personalization options. We are the budget interior designers in Bangalore, so you don’t have to worry about your limited budgets. We provide the best value for your money and give a complete rundown to every competency, making us the famous interior designers in Bangalore

From minor tweaks to incredible transformation to your spaces, we at Abby M Interior Designers in Bangalore, offer the one-stop solution to your every interior designing concern.

What makes Abby M famous interior designers in Bangalore?

For your personalized interior designing needs, we offer a complete solution to give a complete makeover to your residential 2 BHK, 3 BHK, or 4 BHK apartments. Being the best interior designer in Bangalore, we possess the equivalent expertise in designing commercial spaces to impress your clients at the first meeting.

Here are some of the critical factors which mark us pioneer interior designers in Bangalore:


1. Result-driven team

Our team of experts in Bangalore are skilled in different interior design zones, covering the various aspects of your spaces and shaping them in a perfect place.


2. Budgeted pricing

Our competitive pricing ensures that our designs go easy in every pocket. We emphasize to make our services available to everyone by offering the most competitive pricing in Bangalore.


3. Relevant experience

 With more than 16 years of experience, we have completed numerous interior designing projects in Bangalore successfully. Our happy clients vouch for our incredible interior designing services.


4. Commitments

We understand your urgency to get into your space. Hence, we are strict with our deadlines and ensure to complete the interior designing projects on or before the deadline. 


Transforming your spaces into abode.

Let our expert Interior designers assess your spaces and come propose a robust plan to make it an abode.

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Latest Projects

Images below depict our interior design portfolio images executed at our client place. We've displayed only a few our portfolio works.

Why Choose Abby M as a top home interior design company in Bangalore?

Are you looking for diverse interior designing services in Bangalore?

From that elegant look to sophisticated interior design, Abby M interior designers promises the best of both the worlds. Our expertise in transforming the spaces with realistic pricing makes interior designing services affordable to everyone.

Here are some of exquisite interior design services in Bangalore that we offer:

1. Villa Interiors

Constructing a marvelous villa from scratches is a cakewalk for our experienced team of villa interior designers in Bangalore. Our home interior designers in Bangalore are just one call away to transform your space into a magnificent villa of your dream.

  • Explore an unforgettable experience in your new villa with our skillful services. Are you ready to throw lavish parties in your modern villa and fetch accolades from the guests for your unrivaled choice?
  • Our villa interior designing is spaceworthy to utilize every corner of your space skillfully. From its elegant interiors to exquisite exteriors, we pay detailed attention to every aspect of the villa interior to stand its designing out.
  • We start from your perceptions of a dream villa and end living up to your expectations to incorporate every desire and requirement you foresee in your dream villa.

Isn’t it fascinating? 

2. Apartment Interiors

Whether you own a 2BHK, 3BHK, or even a 4 BHK apartment, we are here to serve you as the best apartment interior designers in Bangalore with the years of apartment designing services.  

  • Not just the functionality, we at Abby M home Interior Designers, pay an equal attention to its functionality to make it your dream apartment home. Whether you are looking for a contemporary design with the breeze of elegance or highly exotic homes with the touch of sensuality, we possess unmatched experience in turning your spaces – a desirable abode.  
  • We understand the core elements of an apartment and pay detailed attention to these aspects to design a fantastic apartment with world-class facilities and yet easy on your pocket.
  • We offer the latest interior designs for your apartment and turn it into a relaxing and breathable zone after a hectic day at work. 
  • Get an appropriate identity to your living space with us. A renowned Home interior designers, who ensure classical designs, Luxurious styles and modern facilities – all in one go depending on your discretion. 

Call our experienced apartment home interior designers in Bangalore now!



3. Bedroom Interiors

The bedroom is the exclusive place of your home – we understand that!

  • After a hectic day at work, the bedroom is the cozy place where one would love to throw themselves up to recharge for the next hectic day.
  • The importance of the bedroom interior lies in the fact that you spend almost 25% of your day in your bedroom, making it a central place to consider while designing the interiors of your home.
  • It must be the coziest place in your abode where you forget all your worries and renew your health in the best possible way. So interiors make the difference!
  • Our exceptional interior designing for bedroom interiors focus on stimulating the mind for the deepest relaxation. From appropriate ventilation to ample lighting, we pay attention to minutest details to make it the best place to relax.


4. Kitchen Interiors

The kitchen is the heart of your abode – we know that!

  • From preparing those lip-smacking Sunday brunches to your quick office breakfas and healthy dinner meals, the kitchen is the only place that we rely for our day on day cuisine preparations.
  • The best kitchen interior designers in Bangalore ensure the appropriate ventilation for your kitchen to make it breathable.
  • From the retro-classy look to contemporary styles, give a classic look to your old kitchen with invigorating functionality to appear amazingly best.
  • Our affordable range of modular kitchen designs will certainly give you a jaw-drop. Explore the compact kitchen design services to remodel your old kitchen now!


5. Living room interiors

A place for those lovely family gathering – we add liveliness to it

The living room is the best place to indulge in some family fun. We make it more special with our exotic Living room interior designs with an electrifying range of services.

We imbibe warmth, comfort, and luxury to your living spaces to make it an enchanting place for evening high tea or Sunday get-togethers.


What our customers says

Reviews from our diverse customers

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Get a perfect decoration project for your home, premises or office through our expert interior designers in Bangalore.

Our goal is to achieve the full satisfaction of our customers, so we adapt to the tastes of their interiors designs, needs and particular characteristics of each client in a totally personalized way. At Abby M Interior Designers in Bangalore, we know that each space, like each person, is unique, this allows us to give our interior decoration work a special and exclusive character.

From our interior design company in Bangalore, we guarantee the fulfillment of the delivery deadlines, thus reducing the inconvenience and the impossibility of living in a home or exercising the regular activity of a workspace.



Reform and decoration with previous interior design project:

If, in addition to looking for a new decoration for your home or business premises, you also need our comprehensive renovation service, you can benefit from the advantages of previously carrying out an interior project in 3D.

At Abby M Interiors, Bangalore,  we offer you an exclusive 3D layout service. Thanks to this previous 3-dimensional design we can see the proposed decorative solutions and the results of the decoration, reform or rehabilitation project of the space before starting work. This alternative offers the possibility of making adjustments and including new ideas and changes, without having to make corrections in the design, once the decoration or reform has begun.

In all our renovation and decoration work, we use the best construction materials and the most innovative techniques in decorating shops, offices, premises and homes. This circumstance allows us to adapt to the latest trends and achieve great results in each and every one of the projects that we carry out from our interior design and architecture studio.

Our work method and philosophy makes Abby M Interiors's clients are totally satisfied with the result of the projects carried out. Ask for a budget without obligation and guarantee an excellent result in all types of interior design and decoration projects. Contact our interior decorators studio in Bangalore and find out about the details, we will be happy to assist you and propose ideas about the design and decoration of your home, shop, office or office.


Decorating interiors: much more than furnishing spaces.

Contrary to what is generally thought, interior decoration and interior design are not the same. Let's see how they differ:

DecorIt is the art of combining the decorative elements that are used to dress and adorn the interior of a house, following an aesthetic criterion and a style or mixture of styles. It is important to highlight that the decorator composes his vision of the whole from a limited and already defined space, adapting his ideas and creativity to it: distribution, light, heights, surface, furniture, materials used in construction, finishes, etc.

The decorator's work is strongly linked to the world of furniture and textiles, although it also uses many other resources. As a professional, he is not only a salesperson who manages a furniture catalog, but also has a profile and a special sensitivity to provide spaces with coherence and achieve the best results for the client.

Interior design: It consists of creating and designing a totally new space with functionality, habitability and aesthetics in mind. This type of work involves a more comprehensive vision that is reflected in the design of an interior project. During its development, the structural elements of the spaces are erected, modified or altered, such as eliminating partitions, lowering ceilings or changing floors. During the course of the work, all the elements of the reform process are incorporated following a studied aesthetic dictation. That is why it is called interior architecture since it is equivalent to building within what has already been built.



What does and how does an interior decorator work?

Either from scratch in a process of a comprehensive reform or in the work of a totally empty property, decoration is the last of the disciplines that the interior designer tackles during the project, as a culmination of his work. From the moment of the first measurement and from when the sketches that will give rise to the plans are drawn, the decorative elements and their implementation are already present even though the project is in its embryonic phase.


Key elements of an interior decoration project

The keys and therefore the resources that a studio uses in interior decoration are:


1) Furniture

You can combine both custom-made furniture and standard-size models already on the market. The advantages of the works carried out on purpose, normally by a professional cabinetmaker, is that they allow the best use of the spaces, as well as giving the project its own identity through the personalization of the furniture used in home decoration.


2) Lighting

Its use is one of the most powerful tools used in professional interior design studios. The choice of lamps and luminaires is not only a question of lumens but also of aesthetics. Its shape, design and line must be in line with the decoration and the design of the lighting plan for a home, premises or office.


3) Textile decoration

Includes both fabrics andupholstery and clothing work for processing and elaboration. Also included in this category are finished products that are not made to measure, as well as rugs. There is no doubt about the capital importance of fabrics in decoration and not only because of how they dress the environment, but also because of aspects such as light control or acoustic insulation, among many other benefits and contributions.


4) Painting and wallpaper

The color and motifs on the walls are the basis on which the decoration of a space is largely articulated. The interior designer or decorator plays with the color palette making use of those tones that will set the tone and the atmosphere of a house, a commercial business or an office. And not only the colors but also the materials, the finish and the technique used by painters and wall-movers are very important.


4) Props

It is what are also known as ornaments and accessories. They are those disparate elements whose studied conjugation put the final touches and add personality to the decoration of the home or office. It covers all the imaginable furnishings and household items: photo frames, pictures, candles, vases, clocks, glassware, porcelain, antiques...


5) Construction and construction elements

The handling of different raw materials and different construction techniques can be a decoration element as such. From the elaboration of plaster work creating a classic or modern coffered ceiling, through the stucco walls to the exposed concrete and its formwork, they are useful and original ideas to decorate with charm, whether it is a house, apartment, office or commercial premises.


6) Materials

The style and finish of the materials are fundamental in the final aesthetics of any work or renovation. The design of the toilets in a toilet, going through the metal and glass of a railing, the doors, the type of wood for the floor or even its varnish, are entirely decisive in a joint design perspective of the space, and therefore one more element with which professional decorators can "play".


7) Plants

In addition to its multiple benefits that make our habitat a healthier environment, its beauty and warmth contribute to the atmosphere, making stays more pleasant places. Whether it's some flowerpots, a vase with some flowers, a small greenhouse with aromatic herbs for the kitchen or a vertical garden in a landscaping project, their inclusion has the undeniable charm of nature.


Professionals in interior decoration at your disposal:

Learn more about our interior decoration studio in Bangalore, get information by contacting us directly and solve your doubts by talking to one of our interior designers, we will be happy to assist you and help you get the decoration you want in any space you need. At Abby M Interiors, Bangalore we have years of experience performing interior decoration work in houses, apartments, offices and commercial premises of all kinds, always adapting our proposals to the latest trends, tastes and particular needs of our clients.