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6 Weeks Challenge – A complete makeover to your bathroom

No matter how spacious is your abode, unless the bathroom interior design is not right, it remains clustered and congested! Interior designing plays a vital role in shaping your house as a comfortable home. That’s Why today people seek the help of experienced interior designers to get a perfect design for their home.

Most of the houses spare little room for a bathroom resulting in a jampacked bathing area. As your day starts from your bathroom, we can get a complete makeover with minimal efforts to make this place worthwhile.

Yes! This 6-week challenge will give a quick makeover to your bathroom. So here we go:

bathroom interior design

If you have a small bathroom and yet you are mistaken to add a partition, then it makes it look cluttered. You should remove the partition to appear your bathroom spacious. A glass partition is tedious to maintain in the longer run. So, you can choose the curtains as the partition which can flow down as and when required.

The best part is, curtains are super easy to maintain. A floral or any other small print will work magically!

The next is the colour scheme. It is crucial to choose a light colour scheme for your bathroom to make it appear spacious. If your bathroom décor is accentuated with the darker hues, you can choose to paint leftover walls with contrasting shades of white. 

Add a versatile stool with golden hues, if your bathroom can accommodate. It adds a vintage touch to your bathroom décor. Moreover, this stool is highly usable besides adding modernity to your bathroom décor.

A towel bar is a must to make your bathroom clutter-free. Make innovative use of the initials of your family members by using them as a hook. It will help to identify which towel belongs to whom. Also, you can keep a separate towel for guests with the initials as ‘g’. Isn’t it exciting?

Plants add life to any décor. Not just your common rooms and bedroom deserve the flowers, even your bathroom too. A small basket can be placed on the top of flush-tank to add some refreshing vibes to your bathroom. Liquorice plants are the right choice, although you can choose the one you like.

Matching knobs on the vanity drawers with your wall colour is the perfect idea to accentuate your bathroom décor. Keep the fixtures and furniture light in colour hues and use contrasting knobs and handles to add an impressive look.

Adding a small piece of art is a fantastic idea to make your bathroom an exciting place. The fact is, people regularly spend a reasonable amount of time at this place, and it deserves to have some artefacts to add to its glory. Placing an on the wall opposite to mirror is a great way to get it noticed by everyone who uses your bathroom.

To add plenty of light to your area, using vintage lamps on the side walls are perfect as fixtures.

With this, your bathroom is ready with enchanting vibes and relaxing looks!

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