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5 incredible ideas: How to prepare a thanks giving table

With thanks giving day around the corner, most of us must be looking out for a unique gift for our loved ones. The much-awaited family gathering with the exciting recipes to be cooked in every kitchen, the occasion is highly cherished for strengthening the bond among family and friends.

While flowers and chocolates always lead the league of thanksgiving gifts, let’s make this Thanksgiving unique and memorable by preparing a special thanksgiving table for your loved ones.

Here we go with some fantastic yet straightforward tips by Abby M Interiors Bangalore to curate a large thanksgiving table:

  1. Take out the ‘things’ that you have not used to date

From vases to the tablecloth, dishes, glassware, candlesticks and many more, there must be many things in your home which you might have bought or received as a gift but haven’t used till date. It’s time to take out all these stuff to prepare an enchanting thanksgiving table. All you need is to place them in the right way.  

However, if you don’t have any such things, you always have an option to buy holiday-specific table accessories like napkin rings, dessert plates, linens etc.

  1. Decide your colour theme

It is crucial to decide your colour theme to make your table work! Abundantly the colour theme of your table depends on the décor of the area it is lying. However, you always have an option to choose contrasting or matching colour hues depending on your taste. For a close family get-together, light and pastel colour schemes like traditional fall colours work well.

For hosting a party for friends, contrasting colour scheme like deep plum colour with different colouring textures add liveliness.

You can also mix-match the non-traditional colours with traditional presentations to chalk-out an incredible effect.

  1. Count on some ‘outdoor stuff.’

Adding some outdoor stuff like flowers, foliage, and food can accentuate the mesmerizing effect of your Thanksgiving table. You can use some seasonal fruits and vegetables as centrepieces in contrast to the specific table linens. Try out something new like placing a bunch of whole fruits or maybe a rosemary plant to make it add a charming touch to your table.

  1. Add some personal touch.

As Thanksgiving is a special occasion, make it more special by adding some personal touch for your family and friends. You can place cards, or personalized paper-flowers with the name imbibed on them. How about decorating their plate with their favourite fruit and a unique name card? It reflects how much you care about them!

  1. Layer your linens

A contrasting runner over your regular table linen is an incredible idea to prepare a trendy thanksgiving table. This table-setting is highly inviting. One the special occasion of Thanksgiving, ‘more’ always work better. Do not hesitate to experiment with your linen closet, which is overwhelmed with a wide range of tablecloths.

Now, it’s time to surprise your loved ones with your artistic skills and a unique thanksgiving table!

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