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--I moved to Grand Rapids from Atlanta and felt so homesick. I didn't have a huge budget, but knew that I wanted my house to feel more like home and needed help to know where to start. That's how I started working with Abby. Truly, working with Abby is the best decision you could make for your home. She is talented, kind, creative, a joy to work with and be around, and makes the process so much fun. Even though working with a designer is a small investment, I know I have actually saved a lot of money by making smart buying choices with Abby's help. She takes the time to listen, understand your taste, and deliver options that are beyond what you could have imagined yourself. And she is committed to making sure you are happy with the final product - when you work with Abby, you have a partner and cheerleader throughout the whole process. I would (and have) recommend Abby 100% to family and friends. She exceeded all of my expectations for the multiple projects we've completed together. I can't wait to work with her again soon! 
Carly in East Grand Rapids

--Designing a space for your home can be overwhelming and intimidating to the point of paralyzation.  In partnering with Abby we found focus and direction.  She enabled us to find our best self and the result is spaces we love.  She respected our budget and timeline.  Abby has an incredible command of ideas, trends, concepts and resources.  We find her process efficient and extremely helpful.  Our finished spaces feel light and welcoming.  We can't wait to finish the rest of the house!
The "F Family" in Rockford

--I have followed Abby and her blog for many years and saw a lot of my own taste in her design boards/client projects. I knew that when I had a house I would settling down in, she would be the one I wanted to help with the design. Abby is amazing and well worth her rates. She will work with any budget and won't judge. She was also very prompt, quick, and willing to make any changes I would have wanted (I absolutely loved everything so no changes were made!). I happened to be an e-design client, and although I could have found someone local, I really love Abby's work and wanted her creativity in my own house. If you are feeling uncertain about only hiring her for a small project vs. a whole house design, don't hesitate. I had her do a small portion of my house (guest room) and never once did she make me feel less than a priority even though I knew she had a lot of large scale projects. In addition to that, I gave her minimal direction, less than 10 pinterest images outlining my taste and she nailed it! I feel satisfied, thankful, and amazed with our experience. 

Jessica Brimmer

--Words cannot express how grateful we are for all the amazing work Abby has done.  She transformed someone esle's house into OUR HOME! She is incredibly talented and I have truly enjoyed seeing her vision come to life. The One Room Challenge was an incredible experience. Abby worked tirelessly to transform our bedroom into an incredible space. Thank you! Of course, I love her design work, but I am equally as happy to now call her a friend.

Carrie Almassian

--I hired Abby of Abby M Interiors to help me with the renovation/update of my 8-year old home. Abby was prompt to contact me when I inquired of her services, and she was well prepared at the time of our initial consultation. Prior to our meeting, she examined my pinterest page to see what my taste/style was and came prepared to our meeting with paint samples, floor samples, and a good understanding of what I was looking for. After we met and I told her what my husband and I were looking to have done, she created a design board with her vision for the space with links to all of the products she chose. Abby was always prompt and prepared for all of our meetings, which I appreciated being a full-time working mother of two young sons. She provided contact info. for all of the contractors we used and kept in regular communitcation as our project occurred. She was always available and willing to answer even the simplist questions when needed (i.e. what type/color of switch plates to use with the new backsplash). She is very detail oriented and has a great vision. The most difficult decision with our renovation was the color of stain for our hardwood floor. Abby came to our house prior tot he flooring being installed and tested some of the stain samples on our wood. She told me what her top choice was and we ultimately went with it. I could not have been more happier with the end result of my entire project, including my new beautiful floors. She really listened to what I wanted, but also offered her expert opinon and advice. In the end, everything went perfect together...the countertops, paint color, backsplash, floors, trim, tile, etc. I would use Abby of Abby M Interiors in a heart beat and have highly recommended her to others I know.

Lori Hodel 

--Not too long ago I invited Abby into my scary remodeling project to get her ideas and opinion on how to make my home a special place to live.  My "new" home needed to be HAPPY again.  It had strong bones but had been neglected for so long.  Abby saw beyond the work that needed to be done.  She not only has ideas of her own but asked me what I wanted the end project to be like.  She interviewed me and in a way interviewed my house by walking through to get the feeling of it.  I explained to Abby that I wanted my house to be like a magazine article but livable since I have 2 dogs and 3 grandchildren.  I want my house to smile again like never before.  Abby knew just what I meant and she has taken my run-down sick house, along with my contractors, to a place where it used to be 92 years ago.  Now I'm smiling as I walk through my house.  Every room is my favorite room!  Abby added items that I never would have dreamed of: surprises in each room that just make you want to keep looking for more.  My heart sings when I am in my house.  Thanks Abby!

--Sherri Klassen 

--I worked with Abby on the remodel of our entire mail level of our home (kitchen, living room, dining room, foyer, back entry way and powder room).  She has been a life saver!  She brings a level of professionalism, knowledge, and enthusiasm to the project that is undeniable.  Abby has the ability to work closely with her clients to ensure that all areas of interest are met.  While doing this she listens closely and provides feedback.  She worked with us on the beginning stage all the way to the final detail of styling our built-ins.  No detail goes unnoticed with her.  In fact, she brought items to my attention that were small but made the most profound changes to our home.  Now, when I walk into our home, every day I am in love with our space.  It finally feels like "our" home!  And the best part is that I feel like I had something to do with it because of Abby.

Tracy Carmody }

--Abby is the best designer we have used.  With every room we remodel, we now request her services.  She sticks to the budget and works with existing furniture.  I refuse to redo a room without Abby M. Interiors.  She is outstanding.
Anna Meinhart {living and dining room design}
Alpena, MI

--In my opinion, Abby has the perfect mix of qualities as a designer.  She understood the feel I was looking for in our great room, listened to the needs of my family, made thoughtful recommendations based on both and most importantly, she encouraged me in such a great way to consider options that have ended up making our room transform into the great space we hoped for.  Have you seen my green wing back chairs?!  Working with Abby via the e-design option has been one of the smartest decisions I have made with our fixer-upper and I look forward to hearing all of her suggestions for other rooms of our house.

Lisa Carroza 

--Abby helped me realize that even though I have two small children, I can have a stylish home!  Abby was easy to work with and went above and beyond to make sure I was happy.  My kitchen looks more amazing than I ever thought it could.  Thank you Abby! 

Leslie G. 

--Every morning I walk downstairs and I am "wowed" by my living room. I love living here.  What Abby created is far superior than what we ever expected.  We put our full trust in her design and have been so glad that we did.  Abby did a great job of using what we already had and making it work for us.  We never felt like we had to replace furniture that we didn't want to part with or buy things that were out of our budget.   
She will definitely be helping us with more rooms in our house. 
Dave & Anna 

--Thank you for all your help! I am never doing another thing without hiring you first! I can't believe how quickly you were able to assess the space and decide what to do with it! I have lived here for four years and I couldn't that! Can't wait till it's all done. Thanks again!

--Every day when I wake up and see my new living room I am happy.  More than happy.  Thrilled!
Jean Schutte 

--We absolutely adore our new living room space that Abby designed!  She was able to create the perfect space for our brand new house!  If has all of the elements we hoped for: cozy, relaxing, practical AND stylish!  (Not to mention all on our budget!)  As a newly married couple this space will certainly grow with us.  Abby was always just a text or phone call away.  She was there to help us put her plan into action every step of the way!  She was able to determine what we needed and wanted when were were quite often clueless.  Abby simply knew our style better than we did!  She has an expert ability and talent to design the perfect space that will leave you wanting her to design every room in your house!

Colleen & Rick Mestaugh

--Abby makes it fun and exciting to decorate your home.  She takes away the stress of all the overwhelming choices by hand selecting pieces, items, fabrics, etc. that she knows the homeowner will love.  As a designer, she has a confident vision for the end result you want, and she makes it happen.  I couldn't be more happy with my kitchen and Abby was always the one guiding me towards that finished product, allowing me to trust her and her ideas. Simply put- Abby makes it simple and easy!

Emily Delp

--Her honesty and "real self" is what drew me to her (not to mention her incredible style and designs).  She makes it a pleasure to work with her be honest about the process.  The project has been a complete JOY so far and I can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for round two!  Thanks Abby!!!  You're the BEST!

M.  {e-design living room}

--Thanks again!  I made sure to spread the word that you are very good at what you do to all those that inquired about my FB post!  I think that some interior designers put their particular taste on to their clients.  I didn't get that impression from you at all.  I think you were great at pin pointing my problem and then giving me solutions and "rules," which I think those that struggle with details but overall know what they like (myself) really appreciate!

Gretchen Belisito

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