I thought you might enjoy this fun, modern playroom I designed for a dear friend and client. Liz, from The Lemon Bowlis a local and very well known food blogger who also happens to be my friend. Her family recently bought a fabulous home and I am honored to work with them to create an intentional design for how they really want to live. 

The Client Brief

*design for 10 years by creating a space fun enough for kids without being juvenile
*modern and colorful 
*a playroom for two boys
*enough space for many cousins to play
*drawing and board game surface
*sleeper sofa for occasional guests

First task was looking for inspiration.

I started with the rug! I was so inspired by the texture and modern vibe. This gives them so much flexibility for the future because it doesn't look like a child's rug, and has enough color that it could work in many other rooms in the future should they choose to move it.

Add a sleeper sofa that also looks awesome and adds a punch of color!
Plus a darling toy storage with added texture.

They also needed a piece to ground the TV and in a playroom, extra storage is always key.
Plus, the boys need a desk that has room for both of them, plus the little shelves leave room for storing papers and board games. I paired the table with two blue chairs. Did I mention we wanted color? ;-)

Finally, a teepee to call their own. Because two little boys need a lounge-y hideout. 

There you have it! What do you think? 
Is this a playful space you'd like in your own home? 

Do you follow The Lemon Bowl? If not, you are truly missing out. Liz shares awesome recipes and her Instagram is fan-ta-stic.

Thanks for reading! If you would like our help in creating an intentional home you absolutely love, click over to our design services page for more information. We'd love to connect!
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  1. Such a fun room! Love the poms poms and teepee!

  2. This is adorable! Where were you when my daughter was young?

  3. I am so excited for this!!! You're the best!


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