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I've linked to some of these pieces below for your shopping pleasure. Just click on the piece you'd like. 
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Many of my clients love the look of a white sofa. It feels so clean and fresh. But many of them are nervous to try a white sofa with kids or pets. Here's the good news! The fabrics available, even at retail sources, have changed and they now offer durable stain-resistant pieces. For example, lines like Sunbrella and Crypton allow for your family to truly live in your home without the fear that someone might spill and wreck your investment. 

For large families, or clients that entertain a lot, I often recommend a bench seat on your sofa. This means one long continuous cushion without the cracks you'd get with a double or triple seat. This allows you to fit more guests on one sofa and it's very comfortable.

Another way to keep beautiful pieces family friendly is by adding pattern. Granted this can be tricky to do, but if you're really stuck I recommend reaching out to a designer. You want to coordinate your patterns by mixing scale. For example: a large floral, a small stripe, and a medium geometric. These patterned slipper chairs are a perfect way to add extra seating without the stress of keeping them perfect. 

My client isn't using this piece but I think it's so beautiful! 

I just recently discovered the line of lighting from Dana Gibson and am truly crushing on her. An interesting lamp can elevate a space to the next level. This one doesn't disappoint. 

What do you think of this plan? Is this a space your family could relax in? 


  1. Beautiful design, Abby. Yes, you can slide those pieces right on into my living room.

  2. Great combination of patterns. Could you share the source of fabric on slipper chair? Love it.


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