One Room Challenge 2017 week four: the magic of drywall #workabletowonderful

Welcome to Abby Manchesky Interiors! I'm so glad you're here.

This is week four of the One Room Challenge, designed by Linda from Calling It Home in partnership with House Beautiful Magazine. There are twenty invited designers, challenged to design a room in only six weeks. This is my third One Room Challenge and I am feeling the most excited about this project. 
My goal? Take this kitchen from workable to wonderful.

Let's have a little refresher to remind us (me!) how far we've come. 

*popcorn ceiling
*huge bulkhead all around the kitchen
*cabinets to the counter
*an overall heaviness


LET THERE BE LIGHT! Fourty-five hours of drywall later, & Bob did a wonderful job. We are so pleased with his work. He arrived early every morning and was a pleasure to work with. He removed the old backsplash, which of course removed the drywall, and had to replace that whole area. He repaired all the ceiling from the bulkhead demo. Then he smoothed out the popcorn ceiling. Bob really had his work cut out for him with this project! Plus, our neighbor friends are all invested & frequently would stop by to see Bob's progress. :-) We're a close crowd around here
 and Bob is a great sport. 

Tile demo. Hi Bob!

Prepped for tile! 

Last week we removed part of the wall dividing the kitchen and dining room. The biggest impact of that change was having one continuous ceiling between the two rooms. And with the magic of Bob's drywall skills, you would never know the wall was there.

After cabinet removal and bulkhead demo:

Drywall and primer progress!

Yes, the refrigerator is floating in the middle of the room which is not ideal for photos. But I had to show you the ceiling that used to be divided and is now one! 

I know what you're thinking...this will never be done on time. But it will! It's a definite exercise in patience, especially for my family without a kitchen, but the cabinets & walls should be completed this week. Next week the tile and lighting will go in. THEN THE FUN STARTS! Which means I can actually get my hands on the space and start putting everything together. INSTALL DAY! Until then, it's steady daily progress while scheming details. 

Here is a bit of pretty before you get too discouraged!

I've long been a fan of Jennifer Flannigan's artwork. She is working to create a custom art piece for our kitchen that will hang over the tile wall, above the dishwasher. Yesterday she sent me a sneak peek of progress. This piece is 24x36!  Eek! So pretty. Isn't social media amazing? It builds relationships for years and then one day you get to work together. If you'd like to see
 more of her work, be sure to connect with  her on Instagram or check her website.

The runner I ordered for the pantry hallway arrived. I'm very happy with it.

Hardware for the cabinets! I'll speak more about these once they are installed, but they have a beautiful weight to them and feel good to the touch. You literally touch your cabinetry hardware thousands of times a year.  It's important it feel nice to the hand. Emtek nailed it.

domino mag

Remember all the scheming I've been doing while I wait for construction to be finished? I'm thinking the dining room needs a sofa. The trick will be to see how my current sunbrella velvet sofa works in the space. It may be too low. It may be too traditional. It may be too green! This is the type of thing I just won't know until I try it. But I want my guests & family to feel welcome. That they can stay awhile. "Hello! Lounge here on this sofa for a bit while I finish cooking and we can chat."

Where do you stand? Do you think we'll make it on time? The first coat of green goes on the cabinets today!! Be sure to connect with me on Instagram for updates via Insta Stories. I'm strangely addicted because I get to hear from you more one on one.

Please be sure to check out the incredible projects happening with the other designers! So much diversity in styles this season. They are worth the click! 

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  1. Where did the runner for the pantry hallway come from?

    1. The runner is from rugs direct. Here is the link: http://www.rugs-direct.com/Details/LoloiRugs-Emory-EB09/122601/196902

  2. I have ZERO doubt that you're going to get this done and that it's going to be soooo beautiful! Super excited to come back next week and see those green cabinets!!!

    1. Thanks Christine! I hope you're correct. :-)

  3. ignore me.... not enough coffee in the world after spring break and a weekend away! LOVE that runner!

    1. Thanks Cassie! Can't wait to start adding pieces to the space instead of piling it all in my office. ;)

  4. This is going to be amazing!!! So fun to see the progress and it looks SO much more open and bright already. Fingers crossed the sofa works out - there's not much I love more than a banquette in a dining area. :)

    1. Thank you, Katie! Trying not to get discouraged but it's just an emotional test in patience. xoxo

  5. You got this! It's gonna be sooo beautiful. Excited for that green!

  6. I need a Bob! Looking forward to seeing the sofa in the dining room and the green cabinets!

  7. Oh Abby I just amazed at your transformation already! I know this will be just as fab as your other ORC's! I've been catching up when I can, as I've been out of town for 2 of 6 weeks, but you're always one of my faves! Let's do this! XOXO, Sarah

  8. this is such a huge project you are so brave to attempt it in 6 weeks! That cabinet color has me head over heels. can't wait to see how it turns out!

    I am also participating in the ORC and making over my walk in closet. Check it out if you are interested: http://www.charlestoncrafted.com/2017/04/26/orc-build-custom-wooden-closet-system/

  9. Don't worry, the drywalling is literally the longest stage of the reno ("I have to wait how long for this stuff to dry!?"). At least now you can start bringing things in and see the space come together :)

  10. Love this! And YOU are going to love this! The color choices are perfect. Silly question because I face the same ceilings. What do you mean Bob did when he "smoothed out the popcorn ceiling"? Scrape off and re mud? Or did he work over existing popcorn? I'm looking at scraping vs boarding over, but curious if there's another option. TY!

  11. Girl.....killing it. You are awesome....:)

  12. can't wait to see the full reveal next week!

  13. Love it all! You go girl!!

  14. Hey Abby -- love the progress! P.S. -- if the sofa is too low, could you swap out the legs to raise it to the right height? Just a thought . . . .


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