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Raise your hand if your Master Bedroom has been last on your priority list. It happens. We put everyone else before ourselves and then one day we wake up, look around our bedroom and think, "How did this happen?". 

My dear friend, Michelle, my fellow creative and business owner, works very hard for her clients and her family. When asked for my help with their master bedroom I had to jump on board.
It just hasn't been a priority and they needed someone to swoop in and take care of it. But the budget is tight. I thought you may be able to relate to a budget bedroom makeover, and wanted you to see what you could get for that amount of money. :)

Here are a couple BEFORE photos that she shared with me.

Initial Thoughts:
1) Change the floorplan.
2) The drapes make the room feel very dark.
3) Lighten, brighten, and add more color.
4) We need layers and texture.

Let's start with the bed. Because they are switching to a King sized mattress, all new bedding would be needed. The trick is to layer: sheets, quilt or bed sized blanket, comforter, and throw.

Just click on a photo to shop each item.

They were keeping the furniture except the nightstand, so I went with a colored nightstand. You don't want to be too matchy in your selections and this will look fab against all the white of the bed.

 New lamps will work wonders to dress up the space and raise the level of style.

I really like the look of a two poufs at the end of the bed. If you have room for a place to put your socks on in the morning, this is a nice alternative.

White linen drapes will soften and add privacy without the heaviness.
What do you think? Is this a bedroom you could relax in? 
Once it's finished I'll be sure to take before and after photos! 


  1. This looks so light & fresh. I love it!

  2. lovely design. looking forward to the after photos :)


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