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When we bought our home six years ago, we had a tight deadline to move out of our old house and find a new home. We looked at so many, and even were in the process of buying a different home and then had to walk away. The day this house came on the market I contacted our realtor and he had already booked a showing for us. We knew, just by stepping into the entryway, that this would be our home. It looks deceptively small from the outside. I like that. It has a *very* open floor plan that's perfect for me working in the kitchen and watching the boys, or for entertaining. I could change anything I didn't like cosmetically,
 but the layout and square footage was what we wanted.

HOWEVER...the exterior was brown.
It's fine, not offensive, just not us. We always felt like the outside of the house didn't match its inside. It has this trim that's more for a tudor home, when this is a 1970s ranch. My thinking was that if we could make everything the same color from paint you wouldn't notice the trim as much and
 it would be more modern.

The front door was painted burgundy with a matching burgundy storm door. I think to maybe match the brick? Not sure. And it was peeling. 

The first step in changing the exterior was to change out the door. I wanted as much to light to come into the house as possible, so I knew I wanted a glass door.

This example from Pinterest was major inspiration for me.

I changed out the light, doorbell, front door, and hardware. Words can not express how much I love it! Here you can see how much the paint and door brightens up the entry to the house. 

It was fun to decorate for Christmas this year because of the neutral background I had at my disposal. I kept it incredibly simple this year, but I'm assuming next year I'll invest in more of a container of greens and outdoor rug for the holidays.

I won't lie. The in-between process was a bit of nightmare.

I knew I wanted a white exterior, because we were keeping our windows that unfortunately will stay brown. Plus, we live in an older neighborhood FULL of trees. There is plenty of green surrounding us most of the year -- a beautiful backdrop against the white.

But when I say the neighbors were nervous when our house looked like this for five days, I mean the neighbors were nervous. It looked like we were super into Halloween and trying to make our house scary on purpose.

The color we painted out exterior is Marshmallow by Sherwin Williams. I couldn't use a stark white because the house would practically glow next to the brown windows and it would be too cold. You wouldn't necessarily know why, but you would know something was off it I went too white.

Marshmallow is a creamy white without looking yellow or dirty. That was the goal.

What do you think? Do you like the house painted? Our family is very happy with it. It brings me joy every time I pull in the driveway. It fits our family. Your house should reflect your personal style. Now we're one step closer to that, even if it took us six years to make the change.

Next step is landscaping. I'm looking for inspiration:


Vertical plants, natural grasses, tons of texture...that's the goal. Hopefully I'll be able to share the exterior process once winter if complete. 

Would you paint your exterior? Do you like the lighter and brighter version? What landscaping would you recommend? 


  1. What a difference! I think it looks amazing.

  2. It looks gorgeous!! Love seeing the transformation!

  3. I *LOVE* it! I give you huge credit for making such a huge change too - that's dramatic - in such a good way. We're (over)due for getting our house painted, and I'm still overwhelmed in choosing a color! Now you have my wheels spinning!

  4. I'm so inspired by this! Painting our brick to match our siding is at the top of my wish list. Your transformation looks fantastic.

  5. It's beautiful!! That door is gorgeous!

  6. It does look great! Love the Halloween reference when it was "patchy" and work was in progress. That was a stressful time!😖


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