KITCHEN TRENDS: Flat Panel Cabinetry

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Today is the first in my Kitchen Trends series and we're talking about flat panel cabinetry.

Kitchen design used to be more is more. As in, let's add all the moldings, three layers of trim on each panel door, layers of stone and marble and ALL THE THINGS.

I feel secure in saying that the more is more era is over in kitchen design. 
There is a trend, at least in the US, of simplification. Less stuff. Less busy. 

These are all best sellers and a topic of major discussion in media for a reason. Lifestyle trends translate over to home design. People are asking for less visual chaos, but more function. Less flash for the sake of MORE and thoughtful design because it works. 

Let's take a look...

Soft. Clean. Lovely.

I think there used to be an idea that a flat panel door was cheap. I can assure you that it's all about context. If the cabinetry is well made, then it looks well made. 

Here they mixed a shaker cabinet door with flat panel drawer fronts. It's a nice compromise. Not too modern.

These spaces are great examples of a flat panel kitchen that doesn't read as cold and modern. There's really so much freedom style wise. 

The flat panel kitchen cabinet is also a wonderful option when you're adding on to existing cabinets. Just be sure to vary the color and make it appear more like a piece of furniture instead of an attempt to "match" your existing cabinets.

Wood tones are having a resurgence. Did they ever go away? No. Neither will a white kitchen. White kitchens are classic for-e-ver. But I love these flat panel wood fronts because they're fresh yet warm and inviting.

What do you think of the less is more trend? Could you see yourself with any flat panels in your kitchen? Or are you more of the give-me-all-the-trims type? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I love following your Instagram posts because we too have a 70s ranch. The biggest update we've done is to the kitchen. I too am a big fan of simple - we used shaker doors which while not flat paneled do have a nice clean look to them. Because of our open floor plan the first thing you see when you come into the house is the kitchen so I wanted a kitchen that looked great but did not necessarily dominate the space. I chose a pale grey cabinet for that reason as well. It's a huge investment though so no matter what you choose it should be something that speaks to your design aesthetic as it's not something your husband will let you change anytime soon (LOL)

    1. Thank you for reaching out, Marlene! I agree 100% with everything you wrote. I love a great Shaker cabinet as well. It sounds like you have a gorgeous kitchen. Ours is "new" (according to husband) so I haven't been able to make it my own yet, but some day!! xo

  2. I think flat panel cabinets would be easier to keep clean. No recessed areas that collect dust.

  3. I absolutely love your kitchen design!, and I couldn’t agree more, flat panels are a must in the kitchen to enhance the overall look of it. It must have required a lot of investment to give the kitchen this magnificent look, but in the end, its totally worth it. Props to you for your hardwork and commitment though!.

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