BEFORE AND AFTER: a fireplace wall

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Meet my client's fireplace wall. 
They would agree that it was builder basic and didn't function for their needs or their style. They needed more storage for toys, books, photos, games, but the wall was HUGE. They didn't really know where to start.

We had worked together before on their daughter's nursery:

And their son's big boy room:

I also designed their master suite, but I'll save that for another post. Needless to say, they were very gracious and gave me free reign on the fireplace wall. Thanks guys!

They approved the design board! Our goals?
*Use a metal screen panel on each door to let technology breathe and be able to use remotes.
*take the shelves to the ceiling
*new stone on the fireplace, also to the ceiling
*design a new mantel and surround
*add lighting

I think we got pretty close! 

This is how it looked when I arrived will all my styling accessories, ready to take on this beast of shelves. Each side is six feet wide. Did I mention they are huge? ;-)

When I was shopping I thought we would go one direction, but then I didn't like it. Jennifer casually mentioned that they owned a wooden collection her father in law had made, so I based everything off the collection. Each piece is gorgeous on it's own, but by arranging it all in groupings across the top shelf, especially with the new library lights, they are quite the feature.

The wooden sculptures set the tone for a more neutral organic vibe than what I orginally imagined. There are personal items scattered throughout. Personal photos, their own books flipped to the pages side instead of the spine, so that all the colors flow together...and more natural wood throughout. 

You get a better idea in this closer shot. We are working on this room in phases--first the fireplace wall. Then the furniture & layout.

It was incredible to see what am impact this wall had on the entire feel of the main floor. It made the room feel much more expansive and substantial. They are such fun clients to work with and I'm filled with gratitude that I get to serve them in this way.

She sent me the sweetest text after Christmas with a photo of their living room that said--
1000%...the amount increased usage our fireplace gets since the wall was finished! Now they spend all their time here. That's the best! 

Here are a few tips and items to consider when styling your bookshelves. Just click on a photo to shop the item.

1) Books of a consistent color pallet. 

2) Picture frames in the same finish or with the same matte. Then you can vary the size. I happen to love brass & white.

3) Natural stones or wood, especially as bookends!

4) Candle Sticks. I love these concrete candle holders, but any will do. 

5) Wooden bowl. It could also be ceramic-decorative, but bowls are perfect for stacking on top of books. Or standing alone, if they are large and sculptural like this one. 

6) Beautiful storage: basket, fabric wrapped box, ceramic box, cloth basket. 

7) Botanicals. Any plants, live or fake, as long as the fake plant looks *very* real. Succulents are easy to care for and more difficult to tell if they are real or not.

Let's recap--
Here is what to gather to style your shelves
*Books of consistent color scheme
*Picture frames of the same finish OR the same matte.
*Natural stones or wood, especially as bookends.
*Candle sticks, in whichever finish you love.
*Sculptural wooden bowl.
*Beautiful storage.

If you'd like help with styling, I do offer styling appointments. I use what you have mixed with accessories I bring with me. Just click here to my services page to read more.

What do you think about their makeover? If nothing else, I love that it compels them to spend more time in their family room than they ever have before. 



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