Setting your Thanksgiving Table...

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Thanksgiving is my favorite. 
I love celebrating Christmas as well, but let's be honest...Thanksgiving tends to be 
all the good of the holidays without as much stress. 

You may have noticed this is an election year. Yikes. You've got family gathering around your table but you're a tiny bit worried where the conversation may go. I have a solution for you! 

Distract them with your table.

Here are 8 very simple ways to take your table up a notch and 
distract your guests with beauty. ;)

1) Paint your pumpkins and stack them down the table. Get out your spray paint or craft paint and make the magic happen. It's unexpected and beautiful!
casa de perrin

2) Garland. You and I both know the stores are already busting out garland and Christmas decor. Simply drape the garland down the center of your table, add candlesticks from your drawer,
 & you've got drama.
Elle Decor

3) Bring the outdoors in. Anything in mass bundles has a clean, modern affect. 
Stick to one color, one texture, and call it good. Very simple! 
Elle Decor

 4) Mix fruit in with your greens. I used this method in my Friendsgiving centerpiece, but I also love this example. You could use green apples, brown pears, or even write a beautiful phrase on them to remind your guests why they're together.

5) Add herbs, not only to your dressing but to your table! They smell beautiful and anything organic adds a beautiful texture. Just keep your candles unscented otherwise
 the smell of your candles will argue with the food. 
Lemon Tree Dwelling

6) Snip a piece of your garland from the center of the table and add a little fancy to your napkins. 

7) Print off your menu. If you are hosting you've already made a list of the groceries needed. And I'm guessing you've got the menu somewhere even if it's on a post-it note. All you have to do is type that menu into your computer and print it off! If you really want to go crazy, add a fancy font. Your guests will love it. Shock and awe, people. Shock and awe.
Tending the Table

 8) Conversation cards. Yellow Bliss Road  created these lovely conversation cards. This is sure to keep the adult conversation on track. They're free. Just print and cut. 
Yellow Bliss Road

If all of these options feel overwhelming to you, just hop on Etsy and order this glittery banner
If nothing else it will make people laugh. 
Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? 
Will you try any of these methods to dress your table? 


  1. Great ideas. Love the painted pumpkins -

  2. wow.. Superb idea. Just loved it.. How beautifully the pumpkins are painted.. Everything is just amazing.. Keep up the good work :)

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  3. Thank you for sharing, beautiful. I am having 10 family members over and we all voted Trump, I am sure we will be discussing some politics. We will have a ball and then the football begins, so it will not be all politics!

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