My Advice on Color in Refresh Magazine!

Welcome to Abby Manchesky Interiors!

Hello all! I hope you're doing well. I've so enjoyed reading through the heartfelt comments you left on my last post re: what I've learned along the way. I love supporting each other!

Something very fun happened this month! My name is in print in a real magazine! If you've been reading here for a while, you'll know that I love to use color. It was a complete honor to be interviewed and quoted on how to best live with color in your home. 

I find it very fitting that I'm discussing the "ubiquity of beige sofas." You don't have to have a beige sofa. Really! There are many other neutrals in the world that still give you flexibility for the future. 

I realize it's not that big of a deal, and that it's just a few quotes on two pages, but I'm celebrating anyway! ;-) Each milestone deserves a high five with the family. Am I right? 

Finally, if you snag the latest issue of  Refresh Magazine (part of Better Homes & Gardens) you'll see two of my favorites with big spreads on their homes: Cassie from Hi Sugarplum and Jen from withHeart.

Hey, did you notice a big change around here? New logo? Yep. I've been working with a branding genius.
 I hope you like it! More on that to come. xo

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  1. YAY for you and the blog design looks great!

  2. This feature is a huge deal!! I'm so happy for you! It's very deserving and a huge cause for celebration. That's awesome!! I also love the new logo. It's so stylish and you!!

  3. congrats abby!
    a great confirmation of your skills

  4. Of course it's a big deal! That's awesome!

  5. Congrats Amy! A huge deal indeed calling for celebration!

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