One Room Challenge: Week Two

Friends, this is week two of the One Room Challenge!  That means I have a total of six posts to redesign a room from start to finish, sharing the gritty details with you every step of the way.  Of course this is the genius of Linda from Calling It Home.  She is hosting the invited group of 20 participants on Wednesdays, and then Thursdays are the days we get to join in.

If you missed my first post, sharing our GUEST ROOM TO OFFICE, be sure to read that here.

If you were so kind to leave a comment on that post, please be sure to scroll down to read my reply.  
I tried to respond to everyone.

I'm going to keep my words short, and my photos large for this post. ;-)

The light I have now was never intended to stay there this long.  Hence-- hoping for a wavy, vintage, acrylic light, similar to this.

I found this bamboo desk on CL.  I believe it's a Thomasville desk.  That's getting painted!

 Can you see my friend Julie from Simple Redesign?  She's so cute.  I spotted this hutch in her workroom long before I ever knew it would be mine.  It was love at first sight!  I actually like the wood finish as is, but it won't work in my office that way, so she's getting a paint job 
-- Simple Redesign style.

This canned and chrome chair is exactly what I wanted for my desk chair.  I found it on Etsy for a steal.  A STEAL.

This is fabric that started it all.  Isn't that funny?  You never where inspiration will strike.  This zebra fabric is a creation of Mari Robeson, and I fell hard for those sweet zebras.  You can find it here.

And then, last minute, I found this wallpaper and new I *needed* it.  Some way. Some how. There is a plate rail (trim) about six feet up from the floor, and the wallpaper will go under the molding.

 Oh, and did I mention I'm going to rip up the carpet and paint the floor blue?
Should be no problem...right?

I know it all looks and sounds quite crazy right now-- but I'm hoping it will all come together like pieces of the imaginary design puzzle in my head.

Can you see where I'm headed?  What's your favorite element?
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  1. YES! YES! YES! The hutch, zebras and blue floor! :)

  2. What a fun design, Abby! Way to go big and go bold...can't wait to see those floors!

  3. The zebra fabric is gorgeous! Love the desk and hutch as well. The blue floor sounds fun and exciting, I can't wait to see!


  4. It's all so fun to watch. I love how you pivot and alter. Mari's fabric!!! She is so talented. Love it.

  5. Blue floors with that wallpaper? It's gonna be awesome!!!

  6. Gorgeous fabric and wall paper! I'm using a similar desk but as a changing table in my room!

  7. Everything is just FABULOUS! Cannot wait to see this come together!

  8. Love it all! The zebras, the furniture pieces, and the blue floor! This is going to be good.

  9. Oh my, THAT DESK!! I'm oozing with envy over here over your Craigslist score. Can't wait to see it's transformation! And I'm giddy about the blending of patterns with your wallpaper and curtains. I will most definitely be following along...
    Tera @ http://blog.TeraJanelle.com

  10. Abby, I love where you're headed with this! That fabric is just too fun.

  11. Love that you're doing this also!! Great choices so far! That wallpaper is perfection.

  12. Oh my, I love all of it but the floor idea is sooo good!

  13. Crazy?! I think it all sounds AMAZING and cannot wait to see it!! Party on!

  14. Love your furniture finds and those zebras!!!!

  15. I love your ideas for this room and I'm sure they will all come together splendidly! Excited to follow along.

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  17. Abby I love seeing everyone's' amazing ORC designs. It is so inspiring and inventive that so many ladies, including YOU come up with such fabulous rooms! Thank you so much for sharing. Come by if you can!

    The Arts by Karena
    Giveaway from The Enchanted Home!


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