One Room Challenge -- Week 3

Week three, baby.  Let's dive in.

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I'm working on a client's master bedroom and we have six short weeks to makeover the room, sharing the process with you every Wednesday. Big thanks to Linda to inviting me back to the group this season!  I am breaking out in hives having a blast!

I found the image of the bowls this week and immediately saw the ORC bedroom.   Soft.  Neutral.  Relaxed.  We decided exactly what we're doing with the winter crane fabric.  Carol from 6Wilson is making incredible pillows for us, then blush pillows will sit in front of them.  She does the most gorgeous work and I can't wait for you to see the details she's adding to this crane fabric!

We'll finish the bed off with a custom monogrammed pillow from Keatonandco.  You'll have to wait to see which fabric and monogram we chose.

Lighting plan?  I think it's solved.  We may or may not use the sconces...I haven't decided yet.  But the Pineapple Lamps with black shades already arrived and they are beautiful!  Thanks LampsPlus.  My client, Carrie, fell hard for Jana Bek's brushstroke lamps, and we went with her blush version.  Jana painted it this week and I can't wait to see it!  

The huge wall of emptiness, as I lovingly refer to it, needs not only a new TV stand
 but plenty of art.  See?

Minted to the rescue.  Have you shopped their Art Marketplace? I feel like everyone knows Minted has fantastic stationery and Christmas cards, but they also have a huge selection of limited edition prints.  What I love about shopping there is how you can search by "type", "color" and really narrow down your selection.  For example, I knew I wanted a mix of photography, and paintings.  Easy.

Here's what we ordered: I put the list together and Carrie approved!  Whew!
I did ask Carrie ahead of time to share with me their favorite vacation spots, hobbies, memories I should know...just so I could at least try to make the art a bit more personal.  For example, butterflies remind her of her mother, so I made sure to include a butterfly piece that fit our aesthetic.  I may need to add a few more pieces to this mix to get my desired affect on the wall... but so far I'm thrilled with the art.  Thanks Minted!  (They're a sponsor of the ORC, & totally worth checking out.) 

Last night around 8:30 p.m. when I finally sat down to put together this post, wondering what questions might be great to ask my clients for our weekly One Room Challenge Q & A, I was stumped.  No ideas.
But because my client is brilliant, she suggested that
I'm game!  I hope you find it helpful.
The One Room Challenge is all about sharing the process of design and giving you the inside scoop.  

Carrie: For the last ORC, you redesigned a space in your own home ( a gorgeous bathroom).  Has it been more challenging doing the ORC for a client or your own home?

Abby: I've actually been thinking about this quite a bit.  There was so much DIY I had to do for our bathroom makeover.  Really.  So much.  Blood, sweat, and tears went into that room.  In that sense, this ORC is significantly easier.  If I had difficult clients (which I don't) that needed plenty of convincing on my ideas, it would make the challenge more difficult, but this has really been fun!!  Per usual, the weeks and days are starting to go faster so now I'm in list mode.  I don't want to forget anything!   When it's my own house I'm less concerned about the practical, but since this room is a space that must function for years to come for clients?  I'm even more detailed.

Carrie: What has been the biggest challenge of the ORC so far?

Abby: Honestly, you have made it so easy and fun!  I'd say just being very conscious of budget.  You've provided plenty of money to work with, especially when paired with the One Room Challenge sponsors, but at the end of the day I want to honor my client's budget while still getting amazing photos for the reveal.  So I'm always balancing budget and design, pushing against each other in my head, scheming ways to get the biggest impact for your dollar.

Carrie: What is your favorite part of this round of the ORC?

Abby: The best part of this round is seeing you (my clients) excited!  I know you're being stretched, design wise, but it will be so fun to see what you think in the end.  (Dear God let them love it.) 

These are not ORC-related, but I'll take a stab at them...

Carrie: What is the most difficult room to design on a budget?

Abby:  Every client has a budget.  I won't get started until they give me one.  But by far, the answer is bedrooms.  Everyone expects a living room to be expensive.  But for some reason when it comes to the bedroom, myself included, we think we'll get some new bedding, a few pillows, and be done!  We tend to not realize how expensive pieces like side tables and beautiful fabrics will cost.  For a bedroom to have a finished look I think it needs layers, which all equal up to more costs.  Bedrooms also come with a lot of moving parts that can get pricey.  Drapes alone--expensive.  It just adds up.  But take heart!  A good designer can help you decide where to spend your money for the biggest bang for your buck.  

Carrie: What do couples disagree about most often during the design process?  (Crane fabric?  Labor intensive chandlers? Just kidding!)

Abby:  Ha!  I'm guessing I don't know all the disagreements in the background, but what I see the most is that couples disagree on who the decision maker is in the family. 

That's it for this week!  Be sure to check out the other 19 challengers!  There are some amazing rooms happening.  

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  1. LOVING your lighting plan and that fabric in combo with the solid blush is sooooo perfect! Oh and Minted comes through again...gorgeous prints! I'm already excited to come back next week!!!

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  6. I love your posts so much, and loved that the Q&A was turned on you!

  7. Those sconces are FANTASTIC!!! Can't wait to see this bedroom finished. These Q&As are really fun and interesting!

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  10. Love the Q&A. Your clients are so smart to have picked you. Love your plan.

  11. Love your color inspiration, I pinned those bowls as well, such a perfect color scheme and so restful for a bedroom. Really looking good Abby!!! Fun following the progress!!

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  13. Very exciting progress! I love your Q&A feature! And, totally irrelevant, I also love that your client is named Carrie. She must be awesome ;)

  14. That lighting package is TO DIE FOR!!!!

  15. so the gallery wall really speaks to me. Im loving it all.

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  18. Lighting is everything! And you've got some stunning things going in the room.
    The Q & A was fun. Your answer to which room is the most difficult to do on a budget was a surprise.

  19. What a gorgeous color combination Abby! Loving the blush addition. And hello, beautiful lighting!

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  25. The pillow mix is fab. Would love to add a little blush to my life somewhere!!

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  28. LOVE the lights, excited about the minted wall and the colors are so soothing and beautiful!


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