My Best Kept Secret for your Bedroom

I love luxury...Trust me!  
But the reality is that most of us are on some type of budget.  Everyone decides where to focus the spending and one day, you may choose to save money on your sheets.  
Don't misunderstand!  It's still all about softness.  

These sheets from Walmart are my biggest secret that I share with clients on a budget.  
No affiliate links or sponsored post (that means no one is paying me to say this). I simply want to share one of my favorite finds.  Click here to check out the colors!

What's your best kept buying secret? 
Do tell!

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  1. Very timely as I'm in the market. Thanks my friend!!

  2. I wish I had a buying secret. The only thing I try to do is to resist impulse buying. Impulse purchases have never ended up working out.

  3. Ha! Perfect timing!! I just through out a bunch of sheets over the weekend, and now am left saying "why did I do that when I have no replacements???" A purge fit, yes, I confess. Thanks for the tip

  4. Annnnd they were on sale for $25 for King size last year on Black Friday. Hopefully they will be this year too! They are great sheets.

  5. I just ordered them! I bought queen sheets for our guest room at TJMaxx about a month ago and they are like sandpaper. Excited to try these. Thanks for the recommendation. Will also keep an eye out for that Black Friday Sale! That would be nice.

  6. Love your sense of humor Abby! I will have to check these sheet out! I also heard COSTO sheets were not only a bargin but the feel of them are awesome

  7. The bed skirts from Walmart are also awesome. I buy them in white and use them in the kids rooms. They never shrink or wrinkle. And Sooooo cheap!


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