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Hi all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  Today I want to share one of my latest new clients and a few plans.  It all started when I was on the Q & A panel for The Bloom Workshop.  See, I love to talk and have plenty of opinions and therefore I'm super chatty for any question and answer session.  A couple days later I received an email from A., asking to set up a consultation. I wish you could have seen my face when I pulled in her driveway.  No joke...this is my dream home.  But it's not mine, it's theirs! ;-) 

She's an artist, and they are the most adorable southern couple that somehow ended up in Michigan building their dream home.  Here's the interesting part...
The home is on the cover of a local magazine this month because it's a parade home, but what you see in the photos didn't stay.  I get the true privilege of working with this fantastic family to make it their forever home.  Woo Hoo!  

Before I really break it down, just take a look at her talent.  She creates gorgeous paintings.  Obviously I want one.  

Click here to see more of her paintings!  She just started an instagram account sharing her work and I don't miss a post.

Back to her home. 
My Challenge?  
Combine Boho-Farmhouse-California Casual-Southern Traditional.
No problem.

 I know you want to see the entire house, but we have to start somewhere and the first room we're doing together is the master bedroom.  The house has great bones.  Lucky me!

One show-stopper piece in their bedroom is this huge mirror from the capitol building in Lansing that she found at a store in Cascade.  It's a perfect fit on this wall, and I love the architecture.  

 Here's where I get to help...
The bed and bedding will stay, along with the dresser.  
-more art
-place for kids to lounge

This is the wall opposite the bed with a beautiful fireplace.  The candles will go and be replaced with stacked family photos.  Think layers and height.

Similar to this. 

Here are a few photos she loves and is inspired by...

Most of the home is neutral now, and she's ready to add inspiration through color.
But she also asked for a bit of masculine for her husband.  Let's start with 
those pieces.

This dresser has a rich masculine vibe but still plenty of style.

A leather ottoman on a farm? Yes.  Easy for the kiddos to lounge, good texture, and a 
nod to the masculine.

This lamp reads boho-masculine to me.  Am I right?!

Now for the color and love...
This photograph paired with her gorgeous abstract.
A juju hat is boho, feminine, and at this point, a classic if you ask me.  You can't beat it's beauty, softness and visual texture.

And PATTERN...please.

I think besides a monogram, every southerner needs a little buffalo check in their life.

This fabric is a possibility for a piece of furniture.  We'll see.

Knit and sequins?  It just seems right.

Want to see what it all looks like put together? 
You'll have to come back tomorrow. ;-) 

Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


  1. My gosh this house is a dream. I might go into serious depression working on it!

  2. wow stunning home! Can't wait to see what you do with it!

    1. Thanks Veronica! My clients have amazing taste and sweet hearts, so I'm excited too.

  3. This is gonna be good. Only you can mix all those styles & make it look great. I especially love the masculine vibe you're adding.

    1. Thanks Mary! Looking forward to seeing it come together.

  4. Loving that house. I would like contact info for your artist to see if one of her paintings could be in my future.

    1. Hi Pamela! It thrills me to know that you connect with my paintings. Please ail me at acacheyart@gmail.com & let me know what you are thinking!
      Talk soon-

  5. Beautiful ideas. How do I link to the original sources on these pictures you have included?

    1. Hi Cindy-
      Thank you. There are links below the photos that will take you to the original source. I hope that helps! The furniture pieces are not linked as a courtesy to my clients.

  6. Gor.geous.!! Love the pillow mux, the lamps, the killer throw, all of it!!

  7. Abby I LOVE this house on the exterior and with your design help it will be stunning inside. Love the master bedroom plan and the color that will be added. I just pinned that nightstand the other day, LOVE it!!! Great start!!! Can't wait to see it all come to fruition, this is going to be a great project and FUN too!!

  8. I want to go shopping with you. You always source the best things. You pillow combo makes me giddy.

  9. HI! Are the floor plans for the house available for viewing and/or purchase?


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