Bedroom Design Board for the #modernfarmhousemi

Hello loves!  I'm swamped right now working on the One Room Challenge and headed out for finishing pieces.  Can't wait to reveal them to you!

As promised, today I'm sharing the master bedroom design plan for my Modern Farmhouse clients.
If you remember, I based the design on her painting.  
She's a talented artist so this was the obvious direction to go.  

They are keeping their greige upholstered headboard, so just imagine that in the background. ;-)

They are excited about the plan and we're moving forward.  Woo hoo! In fact, I learned this morning that AC (my client) had returned their original lamps for this room because she was hoping for these exact lamps that I selected! Fun stuff, this job. 
 If you missed my original post on this home, click here.

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  1. Her paintings are beautiful (I'm following now on Instagram). LOVE your design plan for the room and I can't wait to see it all come together. :)

  2. I have been eying those CW pillows as well- such a great modern floral!

  3. I think as a great artist, she's going to love the amount of color you're bringing to their bedroom. Those colors will pop off the dark painted walls.
    And I think the fact that she's going with your choice of lamps shows how much she trusts you. As she should! :-)


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