Retro Knox Designed: Breakfast Nook

Hello all!  Hard to believe it has been a week since my last post.  Summer is my busy season!  Everyone has decided they need help and I'm happy to oblige. I'm still posting daily on Instagram if you'd like to stay connected.  

Welcome back to my weekly series, Retro Knox Designed, where I take one piece from my favorite store, Retro Knox, and design a room around this piece.  Although his pieces are all vintage/antique/mid-century style, I want you to see that you don't need a mid-century home, or a super 
glam room to mix these pieces in with what you already have.  
Let's stop saying "I'll take it all." from the furniture showroom floor, and let's start building a room that's original to you and your family.  That speaks to your story.  
That's collected.  

When I share a design plan for a client, I'm not able to share all of the sources with you.  But with this series, because you are the client, you get every source! ;-)  Just click on the photo to click through to the item. 
This post does contain a few affiliate links but most sources are not.

This vintage Mid-Century table by McGuire from the 1960's is in the form of a bundled sheaf of wheat.  A round glass top makes it the perfect table for your breakfast nook.  
28"H x 38"D with the glass top.

I remember when Sarah Richardson, one of my all time favorite designers, used this table in one of her dining rooms.  

I think sometimes when we see vintage or Mid-Century pieces they can come across slightly masculine.  So I decided to combine this table with a bit of pretty.  Pinks, corals, buffalo check, combined with a modern wallpaper make this breakfast nook sing.  

Here are all the details:

a natural rug with metallic trim...

table with glass top...

modern and playful wallpaper

And this bench.  I die over this bench combined with the table.

Pillows for the bench, because pillows are always a good idea.

I kept the lighting simple on purpose.  Simple can be gorgeous!  

And if you really want to take it up a notch, let's layer our lighting with sconces.

What do you think?

Can you imagine using this table in your home?  
I hope you follow on with Retro Knox on Instagram to keep up with all of the newest inventory.  There are big changes coming to the store that you won't want to miss! 

Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


  1. I could cry over that that bench!!!! And combined with that table? What!? I am so in love with this space. Who do I have to talk to about featuring you in a magazine?? xx

  2. I guess taking a week off from the old blog just makes you all that more creative.
    This nook is stunning! I'm a big fan of color & patterns. And this space has your talant all over it.
    If Carol@6Wilson can find out who we need to talk to, I'll make the call.

    I remember the Sarah episode with that table. Didn't it come with matching chairs that Tommy switched out at the last minute? Wasn't the "set" too Golden Girls for him? I bet Sarah & Tommy would love how you used her table.

  3. I die with that bench with those chairs. Oh those chairs!! How I wish I lived closer!! Beautiful board my friend.

  4. I'm dying over every aspect of this breakfast nook! Love, love, love it all!!
    Tricia // Suburban Bitches

  5. Yes...the bench is calling out to me! This is a great plan....you need to talk someone into expediting this one!


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