Girly Loft design in Ada: #adanewtrad

Good morning!  Did you enjoy your weekend?  Today starts our last week of school and I'm not sure I'm fully prepared for the summer months.  I know my boys are ready! ;-)

Let's talk design plans for my new clients in Ada.  A project I'm naming #adanewtrad, because I'd call their house relatively traditional but with a bit of a twist.  The new traditional.

This is their upstairs loft.  When I took this photo I was standing at the top of their stairs.  Right now they're not really using the space much, but they have two little darling girls, and have asked me to create a place for the girls as they grow.

See the three windows?  I want a daybed and bookshelves built-in all around the windows, with sconces between the windows for lighting.   Similar to the photos below...

My clients have two girls are don't feel comfortable with the safety of their loft.  They don't want the girls pretending the ledge is a balance beam, and other crazy ideas that kids my have. :-)  I was given the challenge of figuring out how to build up the wall without blocking off the area completely.  One builder suggested they drywall all the way up and add crescent moon windows.  No.  

I recommended Plexiglas.  We would do it in panels on the different sections of the ledge. I really couldn't find any examples of this except as stairways.  But this gives you the general idea.

My client suggested having an artist paint on the Plexiglas, which I thought was a great idea.  But instead of a painting or mural, I showed them our family Christmas photo. (photo by Tracy Anne Photography.)

What if we stenciled this geometric wall pattern on the Plexiglas to keep it neutral but interesting, and look more like an art installation instead of a hockey rink?  They were on board!  Now we just need a carpenter/builder to install of this for us. ;-)

The long daybed/window seat will be covered in indoor/outdoor navy fabric.

The cushion piped in this outdoor white fabric.

A monogrammed pillow for each of the girls.

My clients are fellow Spartan grads, so we need green and white in our lives.

And this pillow brings all the colors together.  I just love it. 

Plus, a little floor cushion for when their friends are over and they need more than just the daybed.

I also adore this photograph taken of a slide from a beach in South Haven.  It's playful without being baby.

What do you think?  Although the girls are little right now, we all know they'll grow quickly.  My hope is that this will serve as a darling play space for now and easily transition into a homework hangout area as they get older. I'm really looking forward to seeing this project finished!

Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


  1. Great ideas! Your idea for the geometric plexiglass reminds me of these geometric wood panels made by Crestview. They come in all sorts of designs and in paint ready grade wood. You used to be able to look at them online but now I think you have to contact the company directly.

  2. What a fun space! I love your ideas and the glass/plexi panels. That would totally be an amazing architectural feature that would steal the space! Hope she goes for it- xo Nancy

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing this finished also. I bet it's going to be great.
    And I think builders need to stick to building & not designing. Enough with the crescent windows , already!

  4. What a fun space to work on! Don't you love when clients have good ideas that you can work into the plans!? Can't wait to see it as you go!

  5. I love the direction you are taking this loft. What a great space to work with!


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