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Happy Monday to you!  Today is the first official day of summer vacation in our house. Eek!  This means plenty of coffee for this mom of two boys.

 I was the room parent for my son's class and last week was our end of the year party. I used a "Patriotic Picnic" theme and kept all of the food red white and blue.  Since the food wasn't child specific, and the 4th of July is just around the corner, I thought you might find these recipes helpful.  :-)

No real recipe here, just darling stars and stripes sprinkles with a flag toothpick, both available at Party City. No, this is not an ad for Party City, they just have a great inventory for a patriotic party.

I refuse to bring soda to a party for kids.  Every parent has their thing, and we try to avoid soda as much as possible.  In an effort to make water a bit more fun, I found this patriotic ribbon at Micheal's and simply used my hot glue gun to wrap the bottles and cover the labels.  Takes five minutes!  Big shout out to my MIL for wrapping all of these water bottles.  She's a gem.

Red, white, and blue fruit skewers.  No explanation needed.  If you wanted to make these even sweeter you could drizzle melted chocolate over the skewers, but the kids enjoyed them as is.

LOVED this mix.  Just fill a very large bowl with buttered popcorn, and add Twizzlers bites and blue Sixlets to the top for color.  Super simple. Sixlets are a candy available at Party City in any color that is similar to  M&Ms.  The options are endless with those candies.

I love to cook.  Basically because I love to eat!  Food is a big priority at our house.  I let other things (like cleaning) slide so that we can eat real food.  Of course there are days we get sushi or order pizza, but most days between 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. you'll find me in the kitchen!  I considered starting a weekly recipe series on my site, but thought it might be a wiser choice to just open a new Instagram account instead.  This is where I'll share what I'm cooking and recipes I love.  If you're a food junkie like me I'd love for you to follow along at @abbyMcooks on Instagram!

Would you try any of the Patriotic Picnic recipes?  Is anyone hosting a party for the 4th? 


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  1. I love seeing what other folks are using their kitchens for. Am I the only one that has to dust her stove?


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