"Retro Knox" Designed | dining room plan & sources

Today starts a new weekly series, Retro Knox Designed, where I will take one piece from my favorite store, Retro Knox, and design a room around this piece.  Although his pieces are all vintage/antique/mid-century style, I want you to see that you don't need a mid-century home, or a super 
glam room to mix these pieces in with what you already have.  
Let's stop saying "I'll take it all." from the furniture grouping on the showroom floor, and let's start building a room that's original to you and your family.  That speaks to your story.  
That's collected.  

When I share a design plan for a client, I'm not able to share all of the sources with you.  But with this series, because you are the client, you get every source! ;-)  Just click on the photo to click through to the item.

The Dining Room

I'm basing the room off this Baker Furniture credenza.  It's glam.  It's shiny.  It makes my heart hurt I love it so much.  He also has a matching display case.

I love a dining room that wraps you in color.  But it needs to be sophisticated.  Juniper Green by Benjamin Moore, although it may look a bit bright on the screen, is nothing short of gorgeous in person.  A rich green without being too bright or skewing country/forest green.

A black glossy comfortable chair pairs nicely with the credenza, but is a classic style.  Nothing trendy here. 

You know I'm lighting obsessed.  These just look so interesting and opposite against the glossy credenza.  A tad bit rustic and organic. Thumbs up. Dare I say these lamps are sexy?

A large scale statement chandelier.  What else is there to say?  It works here.  Just imagine the shadows it would bounce off the walls.

This showstopper piece of art is large and in charge.  The colors are amazing and I think it softens the harshness of the credenza.  Must have.

I'd love to see one or two of these blue wingback chairs on the wall flanking the credenza.  Or even at the head of the table.

And this white textured stool next to the chair.  You need a place to set your glass or put your feet up!

Finally, the table.  A workhorse.  A classic.

I like a flat weave rug in the dining room for ease of clean-up.  This emerald and gray wool rug is a stunner.

It all comes together to look like this.  

If you live in West Michigan and stop by Retro Knox, located inside Lost & Found on Century Ave in Grand Rapids, please be sure to mention Abby M. Interiors to receive 10% off your purchase.

Extra Bonus Points when you 
follow Retro Knox on Instagram for the latest pieces and inside scoop.

Thanks, as always, for reading! 
What are your thoughts on this dining room design?  Do you think you'll find this series helpful?  Any piece you loved? I'd love to hear your honest feedback.  I'm looking forward to sharing original pieces and designs with you every Tuesday morning!  xx

Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


  1. i am totally loving green walls lately! i don't think i am bold enough to pull it off, but i sure do enjoy seeing them and that juniper is gorgeous!

  2. That credenza and light fixture-- MAJOR SWOONINESS! xo Kristin

  3. That West Elm lamp is one of my favorites! Love this idea for a series!

  4. Looks beautiful my friend. And I totally agree, a dining room is the perfect spot for a strong color. Love this color combo.

  5. Will definitely be visiting Retro Knox during my next GR visit! So many great pieces you've been posting.

  6. I agree...a dining room is the perfect spot for a dark, moody color. I think it makes the space more intimate. And the buffet & chandelier glam it up just enough.
    I think a road trip Grand Rapids is needed. I would love to visit Retro Knox.

  7. brilliant series!
    have you discovered the site called 'clipping magic?' you could take the chest featured and eliminate all background with a few swipes

  8. beautiful pieces of furniture and I love the blue and green color palette.

  9. Those lamps are definitely sexy. And I think i need one of those blue wing back chairs!

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