Neutral Nursery Design for baby boy: Kentucky e-design

If I'd said this once, I've said it a million times.  
I love designing nurseries.  

Today I'm sharing a neutral nursery for a baby boy in Kentucky.  My clients have a 100 year old home that they've been remodeling and they've done a beautiful job!  She just needed a little bit of help with the nursery.

A soft wool rug at an affordable price is key for a nursery.  I actually like a lighter rug with a pattern.  It shows less dirt and fuzz than a dark rug.  

She already has a mahogany colored dresser/changing table but it needs an update on the knobs.  These black, white, and gray knobs are a sophisticated option for baby...without being baby specific.

Beautiful alabaster bookends.  These are a classic and could last their son a lifetime.

A brass piggy bank...just because.

Art that's interesting but not a "theme" for the room.
I like large art that makes a statement.  This is a great size and could go either over the changing table or the crib.  I'm voting for over the crib.

Then I'd put this mirror over the changing table.

One of my main goals with this nursery was to make it visually interesting, neutral, sophisticated, and TONS OF TEXTURE.

So although the walls will be gray, I combined the gray with plenty of warm woods and texture.  Even in the light fixture.

And my dash of unexpected is in this side table to go next to her chair.  Perfect to hold her water and a clock during those late night feedings.

What really finishes the nursery in a more cheerful, baby way, is the blue ceiling.  
What do you think?  Is this a nursery you'd like in your home?  Which piece is your favorite?

Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


  1. Love all the natural elements and that whale print is so great!

  2. Beautiful E Design. I love all the textures!

  3. Love it! A room that the baby can easily grow into!

  4. Dang you are so good. Who would have thought of those bookends but you. How appropriate this whole design is for an antique house. Cant love it more. Xx. Oh. And the light it to die.

  5. I appreciate how you stress not to do theme rooms for kids. I wish I could get that through to some of my friends.
    Your design would work for anyone...not just a little boy.


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