A Letter to Mom

My mom and I won't be together today because we live in different states.  But many of my friends won't see their moms today because they passed before their time.  This is a letter to my mom.

Dear Mom,
I've learned so much from you, not just from your words but your actions.
You've loved me with an unfailing love that can only come from Christ.  Thank you.
You've taught me what it means to take care of an aging parent with grace and dignity.
You've taught me what it means to be patient yet strong.  Not just in parenting but in marriage.
You've taught me to have a love for knowledge, politics, & freedom.
You've taught me what it looks like to entertain guests in your home, on constant rotation, with a cheerful heart.
You've taught me that if you do a job you love, then you'll keep working at it later in life and love every minute.
You've taught me to always try my best, even when I fail.
You've taught me to have a confidence in myself that I thought was normal, until I got out into the world. Not everyone believes they can do anything.  That was new to me.
You've taught me to wear blush and lipstick and sometimes fur, because when a woman feels good she does good.

When it was time to confront my elementary school teacher--you did.
When it was time to host a sleepover for too many girls who stayed up all night doing cartwheels--you did.
When it was time to switch churches and change my life long term--you did.
When it was time to drive four hours each way to a dance competition--you did.
When it was time to make cookies for the entire Bike & Boot Crew for our ski trip--you did.
When it was time to give me freedom to travel at a young age--you did.
When it was time to let me go on that dreaded first date--you did.
When it was time to help me navigate the sticky politics of high school friendship--you did.
When it was time to leave me in my college dorm room even though life was crazy at home--you did.
When it was time to plan the wedding and help me with newborns--you did.
When it was time to love on my boys and take them for vacations--you did.
When it was time to babysit my boys so we could go on vacation--you did.
When it was time to support my dream career even though others thought I shouldn't--you did.

Mom, you really are "clothed with strength and dignity" and I'll love you forever.  
Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Beautiful Abby.....:) Happy Mothers Day!

  2. Happy Mother's Day to you! A very worthy change up from the usual, this post speaks to many moms & daughters. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Made.me.cry. xx. And you are just like your mom xx

  4. Beautiful! Happy Mother's Day Abby!

  5. Really nice letter to your mom!


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