What I'm Working On: client updates

Spring break is over and it's back to school and the usual grind. I thought I'd share with you a few random client updates to share what I'm working on.  

First up, my latest e-design client project, the Long Lake House.  This is a custom built home, roughly 8 years old (?) and they are ready for a fresh look.  Thankfully they contacted me. :-)

Let's take a look...

New lighting, wall & ceiling colors, and introducing new fabrics are going to make a huge difference.  I need to keep all the furniture, but simply removing the Mediterranean style pillows and lighting will be drastic.

All of these fixtures--going.  Wall color will get changed, and I'm really hoping there is room in the budget for me to sneak in new stools.  We'll see.  

Moving on...

Below is a client from Kalamazoo (Hi Lori!).  I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with her a few weeks ago, and we knocked out all of her design needs in three hours.  It was great!  What I love about Lori and her family is that they started implementing the changes right away.  They had already painted their oak cabinets white, but I suggested they paint the bulkhead the same color as their cabinets.  Then add both crown molding and 1x3 flat trim to give the illusion of cabinets to the ceiling.  Worked like a charm.  Looking forward to after pictures of this project!

Remember the Modern Bungalow Project?  They're another fast working client.  This is a shot of their kitchen.  They were keeping their wood cabinets but hired me for the wall color.  I'm so glad she sent me this shot of the minty walls!  I love them against the dark wood and Rive White counters.  

You've already seen the Saddle Ridge Project nursery and big boy room, but I've also been working on the master bathroom and home office/craft room.  The photo below is the latest and greatest shot of the craft room with the new light fixture, wall color, and desk area.  No more builder basic room for them!  We still have a ways to go.  I'm on the hunt for kid-friendly chairs for the desk.  And Sarah Richardson fabric will be installed as a bulletin board between the book shelves.  I'm going to love this one.  

I'm looking forward to meeting a new local client tomorrow for a one hour consult on their remodel.  She found me because her friend follows me on Facebook.  Social media never ceases to amaze me!  So thankful to get to do what I love.  If you live in the greater Grand Rapids area and would like to work together, please mail me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


  1. You are busy! I'm loving all of the beautifying you have going on. Can't wait for more pictures. :)

  2. I can't wait to see the office/craft room! It already looks amazing!! I'm loving those built ins. :)

  3. Girl, you have a lot of irons in the fire! Excited to see how that lake house turns out.

  4. You are busy busy! So fun to get to live your dream!

  5. I love it when your clients send you progress shots.

  6. Love your work -- keep the pictures coming!! Love seeing what you are doing:)


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