Blush: The New Neutral

Some days all it takes to be inspired is an amazing photograph.
Or a broken dishwasher.

Last week we got the news that we need to buy a new dishwasher.  Ugh.  I don't want to buy any new appliances until we *do* our kitchen.  That means painting cabinets, removing some cabinetry, new backsplash to the ceiling, all new appliances, and a waterfall edge countertop.  None of which we're prepared to do right now. But we have no choice on the dishwasher because this mom isn't going to wash every dish by hand.  

Big decisions need to be made.  (Que the dramatic music.)  
What finish/color appliances do we want?  Because once I buy the dishwasher, at some point all the appliances will probably switch over.  But as is the affects of interior design, everything is related.  So the finish of our appliances depends on our future cabinet color...blah, blah, blah.  

{Have I lost you yet?  Are you still with me?  I realize no one cares what dishwasher we buy, but hang tight.}

I know everyone says they want stainless appliances.  I don't.  I think if done well, white appliances can work.  Even black.  I will still, more than likely, do a stainless gas stove, but the rest will be white.  Then I saw the kitchen below and was gobsmacked. I LOVED the blush walls against the white kitchen.  So obviously the right thing to do was immediately paint my kitchen area blush.  ;-)  Never mind that my kitchen looks nothing like this.  

The kitchen is open to the family room.  

Back to our house...
There aren't any walls in our kitchen, except the wall that faces the dining room.  Blush and teal?  Yes, a fantastic combination.
I also wanted to warm up the hallway from our garage door to our kitchen.  The walls were painted white when we moved in because of that muddy blacksplash I was dealing with.

The walls are painted.  I'm thrilled.  My husband--not so much. ;-)  

The photos are so grainy you probably want to gouge your eyes out, and I'll be sure to have Tracy take real photos of the room next time she's here, but at least you get the idea and can hopefully see the subtle change.  
I'm claiming pale pink, or blush, as the new neutral. 
If putting blush on the walls is never something you would feel comfortable with, try a pillow or a piece of furniture.  You can do it.  I know you can.
 I've even hoarded a few photos to make my point.  Feel free to browse!
from the book At Home with White

photo by Ann Weathersby

What do you think?  
Could you handle & even enjoy adding blush to your home?
Whether you're near or far, I would love to work with you to create a home you love.  Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com for more information on my local & e-design services.


  1. love it! i couldn't do it, but i can totally appreciate it!

  2. In my first solo apartment, I had blush walls in my bedroom and LOVED it. Now, my girls room is blush and its just so soft and glowy. Love yours with the teal, and I think the great thing about a true blush is that it doesn't have to be girly (though of course it IS feminine!)

  3. I love this color with black, green and your teal. Looks great. There seems to be a pastel revolution going on and I like it!

  4. Oh I'm with ya- blush is totally a neutral in my book!

  5. So funny - the blush and teal combo is what my sister had in her wedding in 1985! And my mother-in-law had that combo in her kitchen in 1990. I don't think I could go there though a touch of blush on its own I could do.

  6. you are on to something lady... i am totally gonna do a post on my fave blush rooms and reference you are the provoker of these thoughts... this is GOOOOOD

  7. I moved in to an apartment that had the bedroom painted a blush color and it was actually really relaxing.

    Good luck with your dishwasher selection. I was hell bent on doing white but not the Home Depot white which all has plastic handles. Viking does a bunch of custom colors but to get the fridge and dishwasher to match, you've also got to go Viking and I wasn't excited about the idea of a Viking fridge or dishwasher. And the delivery time is like four months which was a deal breaker. So when I learned a Wolf/Subzero combo came with a $1000 discount and a free Asko dishwasher, stainless suddenly became more attractive.

  8. I agree, I definitely think blush will everywhere and I love it! xo Kristin

  9. Husbands can throw a wrench in things sometimes, can't they?! Luckily you can tell him you are a professional so he needs to just trust you. :) I think it looks amazing next to your dining room. Very well done.

  10. Love the color you selected. And it looks so gorgeous next to your teal dining room! LOVE :)

  11. OMG....that blush color is HOT!!! Yes please......

  12. If I lived alone I would paint all my walls that color. It's gorgeous! But my other half would never go along with it. I used to tell him I was going to paint the bedroom that color the next time he went on a business trip. He would get so upset I couldn't help but tease him. It makes me chuckle just thinking about it.
    Next, you should add some blush window treatments in your dining room. So jealous of you right now.

  13. I love the blush in the bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms. But not in a kitchen.

  14. Love this really soft pink!!!! And I hear you about the husband...not sure I could sell it to mine. But maybe if I just did it one day he wouldn't even notice (that's happened before!). :)

  15. I do like blush, and that brown and white room with the blush drapes made me faint ;-)

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