My "Go To" Paint Colors...Beige

Welcome to Abby Manchesky Interiors!

Today is the start of my new series on go to paint colors.  
I'm going to cover beige, grey, blue, and furniture/cabinet colors.

As a designer, I am always asked, "Do you have a good beige?  Do you have a good light blue?  
What's your favorite grey?"

The most honest answer would be no.
Here's why I will hesitate to offer up a paint color at a dinner party or over Facebook messaging.

1) Your walls do not live on their own.  They are part of a bigger picture of your room and your paint color needs context.
2) It all depends on the lighting.  What direction does that room face?  Does it get direct sunlight? 
3) There are fixed elements (like a stone fireplace, tile floors, or stone countertops and a backsplash) that a designer would take into consideration before recommending a paint color.  

So if you ask me for a "good beige" I might say that I would love to help you and to message me to schedule an appointment for a paint consult. :-)
 It's not snarky, I just want to be sure you get the best possible results.  

That being said, there are a few colors that I go back to again and again.  
In an effort to help you on your wall color journey,  here are my go to beige paint colors.

You should know that beige and browns are my least favorite colors, but I still use them!  
Happy painting!

Soft Chamois is very light and soft.  I think this works best with a room that gets plenty of light.

Seapearl is a gorgeous light beige.  I've used it in a master bedroom for a client, and she loved it.  We did a blue ceiling for contrast and it was so pretty.  This may initially look like white walls in the photo, but take a look at the white trim and you will see this is definitely a beige.

Hazy Skies...oh my word this is a great color.  I've used this is a huge living room for a client and everyone that comes over asks about the wall color.  This is a grey-beige with a subtle green undertone.

Revere Pewter is also lovely.  A bit darker than Hazy Skies, and just very elegant and livable.  

Ozark Shadows is my favorite greige color.  Not too beige, not too grey, it's a color without feeling dark.  

There you have my favorite beige paint colors.  Free designer colors at your finger tips. ;-)
Have I missed one that is your go to beige color?
Have you tried any of my favorites listed here?  I would love to hear what you think!

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  1. I have Revere Pewter all over my house! In my house it reads like a light gray but Tricia tried it in her condo and it was completely beige. Funny how much light changes paint colors!

    1. That's a great color! And thank you for totally illustrating my point and reasoning for not offering a "good beige" at dinner parties. ;-)

  2. Great line up Abby! I love your pin-able charts and your examples. Perfect. xo Nancy

    1. Thanks Nancy! These posts take a while to write but I'm glad they are helpful. :-)


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