Can you mix grey and beige? + e-design lighting plan

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My client said something like this:

 "I noticed the walls are grey but the sofas are a linen color.  Can you mix grey and beige?  I told myself 'she knows what she's doing', but can mix those together?"

Yes, my friend, you can.  I promise.
I figured if my client was wondering how to combine neutrals, then you might be too.

Neutral colors can be mixed together.  Grey, beige, white, black--they are close friends.  
Think of it like a great outfit.  Would you wear a black top with linen pants?  Yes.  If you would wear it together you can mix it together in your home.  Little tip.

Here are some examples of a rooms that mix grey and beige together nicely.  There are 
layers, different textures, and several shades of the same color.

Are you convinced? 
If you're living with beige walls, don't feel locked in.  Let the neutrals play together.

My client's lake house will be more colorful than the photos above, but it will be very relaxed and welcoming.  I finished the lighting plan for their house & thought I'd share it with you.  This isn't a cottage, but an actual 4,000 square foot home.  The living room has a crazy tall ceiling and the stairway to the basement needed a large fixture.  But here's the important part-- we don't want anything that would be high maintenance cleaning.  That means no clear glass fixtures.

The Lansing Lake House lighting plan:

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