Why I love $6 lamps + shopping tips

I am obsessed with lighting.
As a designer, I know the importance of a great light, because I've seen the difference it can make in the room.  Most of my clients are surprised by the cost of a good lamp, but it can make or break the design.

For example, this master bedroom design plan I created for my clients just wouldn't be the same without these gorgeous lamps.  

But there is an alternative.  I recently realized that every lamp (not light fixture) in our home is under $20.  And I love all of them. 
 How is this possible?  
Resale shops.  

We have two young boys and a dog, and until they are a little bit older, I don't want to keep anything so precious that I would be devastated if it got broken.  So I hunt for interesting lamps that I love at resale shops, and half the time they are on sale.

This lamp was $14.  I literally lost my breathe when I saw it in the store.  But I wasn't sure where I'd put it, so I went home.  That night I was so bummed that I didn't buy it that I made sure to be at the store when they opened their doors the next day!  It's in perfect condition and I've never seen one like it.  
Perfect for our home.

I designed my oldest son's bedroom on a super tight budget.  I found these two lamps, in the same height, at Goodwill.  I loved their shape and size.  They both needed to be spray painted and given new shades.  Simple fix for a great look.  

This large hammered brass lamp was $5.  I've since moved it to the basement, because I found a replacement for him.  This photo was taken last spring and we've made changes to our living room since.

This is my latest $6 find.  This sparkly, heavy beauty just needed a new shade.  I love the touch of vintage glam this lamp adds to our living room.  

 I'd never seen a lamp like this, and for six dollars, how could I walk away?

Don't get me wrong.  There is value in purchasing new, gorgeous lamps for your home.  Nothing can bring your room to that next level like lighting.  But for our young family on a budget, this works for us.

Here are some tips when shopping for vintage lamps:
1) Your lamps don't need to match, but they should be within one or two inches of each other in height.
2) Don't be discouraged by a lamp's ugly shade.  A new shade will give it fresh life.
3) Spray paint is your friend.  You're looking for a great shape, size, and style.  Anything else can be changed.

Have you tried using vintage lamps in your own home?  Did that work well for you?  Or does buying "used" lighting make you nervous? 
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