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Hi all!  Welcome to 2014.  For me, this year came quickly. Whether you're ready or not, this is the natural day to hit the restart button.  

Want to restart your health? 
Your home?  
Your business?  
Your marriage?  
The only one keeping you from making changes is you.  
Of course, I'm talking to myself here as well.  I'm not making any resolutions, but I've landed on a couple words to help me focus & remind me what's important.  
1) Progress
2) Completion

The first step of 2014...
This is the year I'm going to take more chances.  Make myself more vulnerable.  Ask for what I want and what I need.  This will start with a bang when I travel to Salt Lake City for Alt Design Summit with my style-blogger friend, Jill.  We're leaving our families for five days to mingle with other creatives, hear amazing speakers (like the founders of Pinterest) and connect with fantastic sponsors.  Ya'll, I'm nervous... But I'm taking the chance and investing in myself all in an effort to serve you better.  

For the first time, last September, I used Jess Lively's "seasonal intention calendar".  It forces you to view the season as a whole and what you want "to have", "to do", and "to be".  This made a huge difference in what I accomplished.  It may sound cheesy, but casting your vision and putting pen to paper can make a grand difference in your life.

  As a busy mom, wife, and designer, I often find I don't even ask myself what I want to have, do, or be.  I encourage you to take 20 minutes TODAY (even if you have to go to the bathroom and lock the door with a notepad) and write down a handful of practical and far out intentions.  Not for the year...just the season.  Keep your notes in a spot where you can easily refer back to it and see how your intentions are coming together.  

I was inspired by Tobi Fairley to plan as much as possible for 2014.  Take an hour and schedule every hair appointment for the year.  Every dentist and doc and dog grooming appointment for all of 2014 right now.
 Block out vacation time--now. 
Block out time for friends, family, the holidays--now.
My friend, Emily, even did three months of meal planning to remove the daily chaos of meal prep with kids.
These seemingly mundane tasks can suck energy from our days and gulp up time that we could be putting toward our intentions, like more snuggle time and books with our kids.  
Planning now saves work later!

This year I'm trying the Sugar Paper Co. planner from Target.

But I may also splurge on the Day Designer from Whitney English.  It's more of a whole-life, vision casting plus 
day planning calendar.

Thank you for such a lovely 2013.  It was full of joy and heartache, and I'm sure a bit of that will be included in 2014, but every day I plan to say Thank You and practice the art of gratitude.  
Won't you join me?

Wishing you all the best in 2014! 
What better way to kick it off than a Pinterest Party?  
We'll be pinning all month long to inspire the best in you.  Just click over to Pinterest and be sure to follow the boards below.

Christina of Just Call Me Chris  (super mom & creative genius)
Jill of Good Life  (style maven extraordinaire) 
Robin of The Balanced Life (Pilates and healthy lifestyle guru)
Jess of Here & Now (style maven and budget babe)
Abby of Abby M Interiors (you know me!)
Jackie of Sweetie Pie Style (stylish mama and California girl)

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