Modern Bungalow Project: master bedroom and nursery designs

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Helloooooooooo Friday!  So glad you're here.  We've had three snow days this week, which was a slightly rude awakening after coming back from vacation, but my kids were troopers and I'm actually getting some work done. 

Right before I left for Utah, I had the pleasure of meeting with new clients who just purchased a fabulous bungalow in East Grand Rapids.  The exterior is dark navy with a green door.  I was all in.  But the inside?  It needs some work.  It's a little dark and that depresses me after any length of time.  My clients have been moving constantly and living in not-so-ideal apartments, and they're just ready to have a real house with real furniture.  
Can I get an amen on that?  We've all been there. 

They love stores like West Elm and Room & Board, so they have a pretty modern aesthetic.  They also love being outside and enjoying nature and being active.  Because I'm working on their living room, entryway, master bedroom and nursery-to-big-boy room, I've given this project a name.  Like I do.  
The Modern Bungalow Project.

Here is some of my inspiration.  Don't analyze ever piece in the room--these images are just for the overall vibe and the feeling you get when you look at them.  A few words that come to mind are
  layered, vintage, modern, and texture.

via Domino Mag

source unknown, but found here

They have very busy work schedules, and a small child, so my goal was to keep the master bedroom soft and modern.  They selected the bed and long dresser and hired me to finish the room.  Thankfully I absolutely love the furniture they gave me to work with.  I chose to warm up all the gray in the furniture with a natural wood finish on the lamps and the rattan mirror.  The bedding is all soft blues with just a hit of berry velvet in the lumbar pillow.  Plenty of white bedding with different textures on the pillows is the way to go.  The euro shams are quilted, the striped pillows are linen, and the lumbar pillow is velvet. There is a method to my madness. ;-)  The rug for this room is my favorite rug on the planet.  I know that sounds dramatic, but i like that it's both made of natural fiber (jute) and soft to the touch (chenille).

Her mom can sew, which is always a treat for me, and I've selected this modern floral as the drapery fabric.  It's a floral that's not too feminine, which helps when you're married. And I like the hand drawn treatment of the pattern.

And this mirror?  I really hope they love it because to me, it's the unexpected piece in the room that really makes it sing.  This and the velvet pillow.

Next up is their son's room.  He's not a newborn, so this won't be a nursery for long.  My clients had already selected the art and the vintage cars scheme.  Her mom is making the navy roman shade, and I'd suggest adding red and white chevron tape, in two lines vertically on the shade.  He is also lucky enough to have a window seat area, and for that I chose this red sticks fabric that's extremely durable and not too juvenile.  They grow up fast!

A super soft striped rug in blue:

When it all comes together you've got a custom, modern, and fun nursery that I think will transition well into a big boy room.

Stay tuned to see what we do with the living room and entry!  I'm excited about this Modern Bungalow Project.  If you would like to work together creating a home you absolutely love, 
click here for more information on my interior design services.  
I would love to continue the conversation! Email me at abbyminteriors@gmail.com, or connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.  Hint: instagram is my favorite.


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