how to avoid the overwhelm of the big decor stores

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you walk into a home decor store?  There are so many options and deals, it can be hard to decide what might work best for your home.

The best tip I can give you is to stick to one color palette.  Decide on 3-4 colors max for your entire house, and stay within those colors. For me, that means black, green, navy, and pink.  There can be variations of these colors, but in general, I stay within these four colors.  This not only helps you from being overwhelmed, but it offers the most flexibility.

I found this black and and white tray at HomeGoods, and I knew I could use it basically anywhere!  Not only does it fit my colors, but it's large enough that I could use it for serving in the dining room, styling up my coffee tables in the living room, or organizing my jewelry in my bedroom.  This offers the max bang for your buck.

I also scored this green and white decorative box.  Organizing is not my strong suit, so any storage that can also be beautiful is a must.  And of course it fits the colors of my house.  Bam!  Done and done.  

There's no need to feel overwhelmed when you're shopping on your own.  Just take a look around your home at the colors you love, and choose the pieces that work for you.  

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