before you can decorate, eliminate

The holiday decor is packed & you may be experiencing fresh-slate momentum.  You've got a desire to redecorate.  GREAT!  If so, you should call me. ;-)  But before you can decorate or work with a designer, we need to eliminate the mess. 

 As much as I would love for my coffee table to always look like this, it's usually covered in Legos, books, and superheros.  But let's get a handle on that, shall we?

This should be our mantra:

You wouldn't believe how often I go to an initial consult with a new client, and they give me a tour of their home, explaining how much they dislike almost everything.  Seriously people; if it's possible, give away or donate those pieces that don't bring you joy.  Otherwise those pieces you hate are stealing a bit of energy from you every time you see them.

I know for me, if something is good looking/pretty I'm more likely to actually use it.  So I've rounded up a few printables that could be adapted to your liking.  Or, just use them as inspiration!  Most were found at very helpful blogs on keeping your house in some semblance of control.

Take a look around the room you're in right now.  If it's not bringing you joy, time to donate or trash.
Do you keep a cleaning schedule? 
 I haven't, but I think it's time to start.

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