My Christmas Fireplace: the details & the DIY

Hi all!  I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving.  We drove to the hills of Tennessee and met my side of the family at a vacation rental house.  SO fun.  I believe there were 29 of us--and probably enough food for 60.  My family is full of amazing home cooks, and we had a really great time.  After taking some days off last week I'm ready to get back to blogging! 
 December is a big month, and I'm really happy it's here.

Today I'm sharing my Christmas fireplace and mantel.  We couldn't get our Christmas tree until after our Thanksgiving vacation, so I spent that time preparing the rest of our house for the holidays.  Here's how I decked out or corner fireplace.

It all started with this wreath.
I bought it the first Christmas we lived in our 70's ranch.
The last two years it has been above our piano.

Christmas 2011

Christmas 2012

This year I wanted to use what I had in a fresh way.  I think most of you can relate to not wanting to purchase all new holiday decor every year.  No thank you.  
I pulled my wreath out and knew I wanted it over my fireplace.

My corner fireplace (seen below) usually has a large floral painting leaning against the brick, but this year I wanted to move my wreath from above the piano to over my fireplace. Small problem: when I held the wreath over the mantel I knew it wasn't large enough.  Still, I didn't want to spend money on a new wreath and I wanted to add to my black, white, green, and gold Christmas scheme.  

My solution was to drag an old canvas out of our basement, paint black and white stripes over the original ugly painting, and hang the wreath over the painting.  

I used a black and white ribbon to cover the cord from the wreath, and nailed both the ribbon and the cord to the wood back of the painting.  Then, I plugged it into an extension cord that falls behind the painting and down to our mantel to easily be plugged in the our outlet.

Next, as I was strolling Costco I found these mini potted trees.  I knew I wanted to add one to our fireplace scene that I'd imagined in my head. :-)  I brought one home, wrapped the tree portion in Glad Press'n Seal, and sprayed the pot in glossy black paint.  The Press'n Seal is a simple way to keep the tree branches from getting damaged or covered in black paint.

After the black paint dried, I used my trusty Krylon paint pen to add gold to the rim of the pot.  So simple.

As much as I was loving the gold chain as garland, it was difficult to see unless you were close to the tree.  Have no fear, velvet ribbon to the rescue!  I simply wove it through the chain and now it's much more visible.  

The final touch (I know this sounds like a lot of effort for a tiny little tree, but it truly only takes a few minutes) was to add brass ornaments to the base of the tree.  Just a hit of sparkle to take it over the top. 

I used 3M clear hooks (a decorators best friend during the holidays) to add velvet stockings to our mantel. 

I found my gold wrapping paper at Costco and added wide, black velvet ribbon from Micheal's to the presents.  Next, I wrapped more empty gifts in white paper from Target with Green Raffia.  Here's a tip--wrap the empty boxes that store your ornaments!  They're perfect for under the tree before the real gifts arrive.

All together, I'm pleased with my efforts and our fireplace is ready for the holidays!
I hope you are inspired to try something new this holiday!
*use what you have
* stick to your color scheme
*wrap your empty boxes
*spray paint, paint pens, and 3M hooks are your friend
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