Christmas Morning Table: using what you have and getting sentimental

Christmas morning is a special time for our family.  Truthfully, I'm usually up late prepping for the next day, and who needs another task for their to do list?  But I've pulled together a table for Christmas morning using what I already have from the night before.

The most special part of this table are my Grandma Dolly's vintage dishes.  She passed away this year, and I miss her very much.  She was an entrepreneur before it was cool, and still raised five children well.  She always wore heels and lipstick.  She knew that food and cooking was important and used it as a way to bring the family together.  She was never boastful, and always kept a positive attitude, even though she had a very difficult childhood.  She was special, and I'm lucky to have a piece of her life in these dishes.

The first time I noticed these dishes in my Grandmother's cupboard, I asked her if I could have them.  No lie.  I'm bold like that.  The colors, the flower, all of it just captured my heart.  They are so me.  I've been waiting for the perfect chance to use her dishes on my table and Christmas morning seems like the perfect time to me.

Below is my table from Christmas Eve.  It's dressier.  A more-is-more type of table.  Seems like you should serve beef tenderloin, roasted vegetables, and creme brulee on this table.  There are plenty of candles to set the special mood for Christmas Eve dinner.

I simplified, highlighting the floral dishes.  I removed all the candles, the green scarf, and the Frosty Ferns from the table.  I pulled some black velvet ribbon off of a fake present under the tree and layered it over my gold runner from Home Goods.  I pulled two brass reindeer from living room and added them to the runner.  I kept the same silverware (also my Grandma's) wrapped in gold velvet ribbon, but moved the same white napkins underneath them.

I used the ornaments I painted as the centerpiece.  Nothing easier than throwing ornaments in a bowl!

I swapped out my crystal and gold glassware for casual glass mugs for either coffee or hot chocolate.  I added these black and white straws (from Target) that I already had displayed on my buffet.  I think the kids will enjoy this.

I just love these dishes and I whipped this table together in just a few minutes.  No fuss.  Always try to use what you have in a new way!

Do you set the table for Christmas morning?  Any special traditions that you could share?  I would love to hear them!  Please keep the conversation going on the Abby M. Interiors facebook page.

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