Abby M. Interiors: Holiday Home 2013

Hi all!  Welcome to our 70's ranch, complete with a sunken living room and wide open spaces. I'm so glad you're joining me today for my holiday home tour.  This is our third Christmas in this house, and it is by far my favorite look I've done.  Our living room has finally evolved into what I thought it could be when we moved in, and I pushed myself to try a new look this year: black, green, gold and white.  Please remember that I'm only showing you what I want to show you.  Bits and pieces of pretty.  Our house still has legos and books and blankets scattered around from the kids.  We really live in our house, and nothing is too precious or breakable.  My goal for 2013 was to use most of what I had last year in a fresh way by adding a few key pieces.  For example, the wide black velvet ribbon on our tree.  That was worth every penny.

Please relax and enjoy the million photos I'm about to share. I hope at least one piece inspires you to try something new in your Christmas future.  A table top tree?  Your own art piece?  Pulling out your Grandmother's silver and tying it in ribbon?  Enjoy. xo


If you were wondering how the family (including our dog, Hazel) is feeling about all the Christmas decorations, they're pretty relaxed about the whole thing. ;-)

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I wish I could have you all over for a big Christmas party.  I would love to keep the conversation going.  Click over to the Abby M. Interiors Facebook page to leave a comment or ask questions. 

If you would like to work together to create a home you absolutely love, click here more information on my interior design services.

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