Let's Go Shopping: Target

Hi all!  I thought we could go shopping today.  I find so many pieces when I'm out that I wish I could share with you, that I'm just going to post them in hopes that they'll be helpful. I don't have any partnership with Target, but I thought you might like to see what's out there.
 Let's get shopping!

These blankets for the bed have been selling at Target for months, but I still think they are one of the best products they have.  If you don't have one on a bed at your house, they are a great layering piece for either under your comforter or folded at the end of your bed.

I needed thank you notes out to give to the parents that helped with the Halloween party, and I instantly fell in love with these.  They are only available in stores.

I also really loved these thank you notes because I'm a sucker for a good envelope!

This Swirl Coffee Mug would be lovely mixed with other dishes for the holidays.  The only downside is you can't put them in the microwave.  A little added sparkle is a great idea for the table or to brighten up your morning!

Nate Berkus is always a good idea.  I'm so glad his line with Target is sticking around!  This faux bone lattice frame is a beauty.  Is casual and dressy--just what I love.

Loving this gold sparkle drinkware.  Sadly, I couldn't find them online, but I'm sure they're in a store near you. :)

A fur stool?  Yes, please!  I'll take two!

Smart and handsome storage makes any space look more polished and put together.  I like how the outside feels a little masculine while the inside is more pretty.  Sadly, I couldn't find it online.

Batik Kitchen Towels--perfect for fall and Thanksgiving.

Finally, I keep coming back to this herringbone swoop chair.  It's very difficult to tell by the photo, but it's a great herringbone pattern and very comfortable.  Did I mention affordable?

Thanks for coming shopping with me today!  I'm fairly certain that I could go shopping at Target every day of the week.  Wish you could come with me!  To read my last "Let's Go Shopping" post, click here.

Did anything catch your eye on our shopping trip today?  Let's keep the conversation going on the Abby M. Interiors facebook page!

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