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Today I'm taking a deep breathe...
Last week was fast and full with two class parties for Halloween, clients, and nine people coming to our house for the weekend.  Oh, and all the prep for the classroom party as my first time as "Head Room Parent."  ;-)  Now that I'm blogging more consistently (yay!) you may get more personal/family posts.  But I can assure you this will stay a design blog!  

My cousins (whom I love and adore) flew in from Atlanta, GA for the Michigan State vs. Michigan football game.  More relatives from my home town joined us.  Our house has never been so full, but I absolutely love having company.  The boys had to sleep in our room for the weekend, but it was worth it! Since we've been married 11 years this month, it was also the moment that I realized ALL of our pillows and towels were old and not suitable for company.  Funny how they were fine for our kids but not fine for company.  So off to Target I went to spend money on non-sexy items like white towels and new bed pillows.  Ick.  Anyone else hate spending money on home necessities?

My first priority was to make a menu for the weekend.  Rosemary Cayenne Cashews were number one on my list.  Last year I handed out jars of these at Christmastime--they're that good.  People don't often make them for themselves, and the Cayenne adds just enough heat to make them interesting. Try them...soon!  Just click on the photo to be taken to the recipe.

I also had Pioneer Woman's "Perfect Pot Roast" in the oven.  If nothing else, it makes your house smell spectacular.  No joke.  Plus, it feeds a crowd and is the ultimate comfort food.  Especially when paired with her creamy mashed potatoes!

On Saturday morning we put on our layers and bundled up for the football game in the rain.  We were hoping the rain would stay away, but it was 40 degrees and raining through the entire game.

My kids were troopers and just had fun with their family.
Waiting for the football team to walk by the Sparty Statue.

Under the tailgate tent with his favorite lady. ;-)

My cousins were so great with my kids.  Greatful!

Thankfully the Spartans won the game and all was right in the world. :-)

In other random news, does anyone remember when I found this Henredon sofa at my favorite resale shop for $3?  

The sofa is headed to my upholsterer tomorrow.  For the first time I'm nervous about my decision. 

 It's either going to glorious or a massive fail. 
I'm shooting for glorious!

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