thank you and client updates

You are amazing.  Really.  I was shocked by the response to my last post.  Some of you even sent emails sharing your story and encouragement.  I appreciate you so much!

In other news, I agreed to be the "head room parent" for my son's class.  Why did I say yes to this?  1) To make memories with him. 2) Because I was entirely frustrated with the food at every classroom party in the past.  So here's me, trying to make water bottles cool because I refuse to bring in 2 liters of coke and sprite.
I found extra wide ribbon on the clearance rack at Micheal's and used my hot glue gun to attach it to every bottle.  This only took 15 minutes and they look so much more exciting now. ;-)  I'm still nervous about the party, but what's the worst that can happen? HA!  

I've been working on two amazing houses.  I can not wait to share the 'after' photos with you once they are professionally photographed, but that could be a few months.  In the meantime, here are a few pictures to wet your appetite!  

First up, the Swanky Colonial Project.  

This is the BEFORE shot.

We've had the entire room, even the moldings, painted in Lead Gray.  Already, the difference is amazing.  Julie, from Simple Redesign lacquered this vintage buffet for us, and kept the original hardware and brass feet. If you are looking for someone to paint furniture, or just would like to add an interesting piece to your home, you need to check out Julie's site
I don't know if I've ever been this excited about a client's space before, and I'm always excited!

The living room also has new wall color, chairs, pillows, and is about to get a fireplace face-lift.
The original art still needs to be framed in black (which will help the size) and we're still tweaking the mantle styling.  The builder-basic tile is getting changed to this:
It still has some of the cream in the stacked stone, but it also brings in the white and gray tones from the rest of the house.  Wait until you see what we've done with the kitchen and formal living room.  Did I mention I'm excited? ;-)
If you follow me on Instagram (@abbyminteriors) then you may remember this before picture of their stairway.
Since then, the carpet has been ripped up, all the orange toned wood and columns have been painted glossy black.  Once the graphic runner is installed, it will be a truly amazing entry!

We've also made so much progress on the Saddle Ridge Project.  You can read my original posts on that house here and here.  Every item has been purchased and is just waiting for the painter (who can't come until late November) before installation.  

This "explorer big boy room" might be for a three-year-old boy, but he is super excited about his room.  I love that you don't have to design down to children for them to be excited.  Remember that!

For his sister's nursery, we are having gorgeous pages from a book professionally framed, to do an installation something like this:

My client's loooooove Disney and even worked there together in college, so we are bringing that sentiment into the nursery without making it literally a Disney nursery by adding the work of Mary Blair.  She designed It's a Small World and the art for Peter Pan.
I told my Saddle Ridge Client that I may need to move in when this room is done, because I already love it so much. Hazard of the job, I guess. ;-)

Finally, I just wanted to say thank you again for sticking with me and still reading my blog as I make some big changes to how I work my business.

I'd love to continue the conversation!  Sadly, my comment section is broken.  I'm working on getting it fixed, but I'd love to hear from you (and reply) on the Abby M. Interiors facebook page.   If you think you'd like to work together creating a home you absolutely love, click here for more information on my services.  xo


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