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Hi friends!  How was your weekend? On Sunday I put together "8 Tips for Creating Your Thanksgiving Table", so if you missed that click here.

 I was eating dinner with the family when I noticed a large jar of white shells as decor in our dining room.  Note to self: it's October.  Time for the huge jar of white shells to take a break.  :-)  As a general design rule for myself, I usually stay away from super theme-y seasonal decor.  I much prefer using pieces from nature that fit the colors I want to use.

I knew just where I wanted to go to be inspired: a local greenhouse/grocery store.  They have a wonderful variety and every visit gets my head spinning with ideas.  

I thought these small topiaries would be perfect on a mantle.  

This potted kale was huge and gorgeous.  I would love it as a centerpiece.  Mums are pretty but the cream center and wavy green leaves of the Kale are much more striking to me.
I didn't buy either of those, but decided on multiple size gourds, and mini-pumpkins all in the cream and green family.  I also got completely sucked into the texture of these feathery plants.  I have no idea what they are, but I swear the label said Peacock something or other. ;-)

I started by clearing every off my buffet and just played around a bit until I liked it.  I already had the pinecone vase filler, and the gold rimmed glasses were a clearance find from Pier 1.  I threw some paper straws in a glass (from my drawer) and I was done.  

This is when it pays off to buy what you love throughout the year--especially during sales, because
if you always buy what you love the pieces will fit together.

I love the natural colors of these gourds.  The silver bowl was an antique find years ago and the candlesticks were a wedding gift from my cousin Sharon.  (Family shout out!)

I've really gotten my use out of this driftwood, also from Horrocks.  I think it transitions well through the seasons.  And my crystal candlesticks?  MAJOR score from an estate sale across the street.  They are incredibly heavy.  If you've been following my blog for any amount of time you know I'm all about contrast.  I love the rough of the natural driftwood against the smooth shine of the crystal.  Siiiiiiimple.  No fuss.

Now instead of seeing white seashells on my buffet, I have a harvest look that could technically last until after Thanksgiving.  Although I'm not sure the pumpkins will make it that long. :-)

There you have it! Of course I go a little crazier decorating for Christmas, but as far as the seasons go--this is it. 
 What about you?  Do you have bins and bins of seasonal decor?  Or do you avoid changing out the pieces in your home?  Do Tell!
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