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Here is a picture of the dining room/sitting room when I visited.  The first thing I did was take down all the curtains.  They were so heavy and old, and they covered most of the windows. That made a big difference!  My clients had already painted the room and didn't want to make any changes to that. The lighting and rug needed to be replaced, and other than that we had a blank canvas.  

I immediately saw the fireplace side of the room as the perfect spot for four chairs and an ottoman.  We were working within a tight budget, so I suggested four wingback chairs from Craiglist that we could upholster with fresh fabrics.  My client is super crazy about plaid.  All of her inspiration images had plaid furniture or plaid drapes.  I pulled tons of plaid samples and these two captured my vision for the whole room.  My plan was to install the blue, beige, and cream plaid on the backs of the wingback chairs, and the darker wool plaid pattern on the fronts.  The two plaids work together because the scale (size) of each plaid is different.  

I thought this rug was a perfect match to tie all the colors of the room together.  It has the black (from her walls) along with beige, cream, red, green, and blue.  

This industrial shelf with natural wood natural wood and white combo helps make the space feel more modern against the wingback traditional chairs.

For the dining room portion, they're having a live edge table made with metal piping as the base.  These light blue stools bring the color to that side of the room and soften up the wood and metal.
Finally, instead of one chandelier over the table, I'm obsessed with using TWO of these string pendants...made for the outdoors.  Just because the store lists something as "outdoor" doesn't mean you can't use it inside.  I also light the white shades against their dark walls.

All together, it looks like this:

Then we moved on to the family room.  It's an odd angle, because of the fireplace.  But my number one goal was to get them into a lighter sofa.  

Bring on a plaid rug and light, slipcovered sofa!
Their rug has arrived and they're happy with it.

She likes farmhouse/modern/plaid.  I think this family room fits the bill.

What do you think?  
Would you go for the plaid on plaid wingback chairs?  
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