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I strive to provide my clients with the best possible designs tailored to their personal style.  One way I make that happen is to search for interesting, unexpected pieces that they may not discover on their own.  I want their home to be personal to them--to reflect their life and their family.  No two designs should feel the same.  If you want sameness--order your living room from a Pottery Barn catalog and don't bother hiring a designer.  Granted, this is nothing against Pottery Barn or catalogs, they serve a great purpose and I use them all the time.  But to really make a room sing, you need to mix the old and the new.  The high and the low.  The smooth and the rough.  And by all means have some FUN with your home!

My favorite place to shop for these items in Grand Rapids is Fulton Street.  There are a few stores in a row that I visit often and I'm never disappointed: Bluedoor Antiques & Elements, City Antiques, East Fulton Arts & Antiques.

Today I'm sharing finds from two recent shopping trips to these stores.  Some were purchased for clients and others are waiting for their forever home. ;-)

Let's go shopping!

If I had a cottage or a lake house, this vintage sign would hang from the ceiling as a room divider or on the wall in the kitchen.  I absolutely love the font and the colors.

These animal hooks would be ideal in a kids' bathroom or even a bedroom.

If you have a traditional home with a grand entry, this light is for you.  I would also love it in a dining room.

This cabinet is very tall, in perfect condition, and like nothing I've seen before.  I would love this in an office.

This chandelier is going in a client's daughter's nursery.  I haven't found anything else for the room, but we're starting with this.

This beveled mirror is very large and made by Drexel.  I"m not a huge fan of the wood color, but it's a gorgeous mirror in the perfect house.

I LOVE brass shelving and they have two.  

This small table is dying to live in your entry or dining room.  There's a small drawer on behind those doors, and it's such an interesting piece that it would take the style of any room up a few notches.  I can even see putting a television on top.

This lantern...love.  

I'm hoping a client (Ashley!) puts this super long and amazing table in her dining room.

Some day, when I build my dream house, I want two of these green pendants over my kitchen island.  Because of course I'll have tall ceilings and these lights are spectacular.

Small stools are perfect next to chairs or even as bedside tables.  If this was painted a different color (brass? cobalt blue? white?) it could be spectacular.  I've never seen a stool this shape before.

This boat painting is being used in a little boy's bedroom I'm working on.  Basing the colors of the room on this painting.

I'm a sucker for vintage landscapes.  I would put this on a gallery wall mixed with more modern prints.

Yep.  Bought these vintage binoculars for the little boy's bedroom.

Love this camera as an accessory on shelves or in a bedroom.

Who needs this?  

Black, cream, and brass mirrors.  Stunning.  

This vintage thermometer was another piece I picked up for the boy's bedroom.

All the tiny toys in my house drive me batty.  I love this storage idea.

My friend Jill and I spent the afternoon shopping last week and I think she looks darling on the settee!  I would reupholster this sofa in a new fabric, but for the price, it's a steal.

I love interesting tables.  I'd put this in an entry with two lamps and accessories in a heartbeat. 

Need a dresser for your girl's room?  Perfect height and depth for a changing table.

You'll just have to trust me on this one.  Jill and I were dying over this huge cupboard/island on wheels.  The drawers are incredibly deep.  The hardware is fantastic.  And someone should put this in their home ASAP!

Lockers.  Great for a bedroom, mudroom, or even your kitchen!

Loved the shapes on this mirror.  And of course a pull-down map is always the perfect art in a play room.

I'm not 100% sure what this is used for, but I'd add some soap to fancy up a powder room.

I would probably paint the black drawer-fronts white, but this table would be perfect in a craft room or even as a kitchen island.

Again with my dreaming for my dream home--it would have two of these vintage lanterns, original from The Amway Grand Plaza hotel.  The blue color, vintage brass, and sheer size of these lanterns are spectacular.

Now you know all of my local shopping secrets!  
Even if you don't live in West Michigan I hope you're inspired to get out of your catalogs and take a look at the pieces available in your town.  

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Abby Manchesky Interiors is a boutique design firm based in Grand Rapids, MI. Combining the new traditional, vintage and a dash of the unexpected is her ideal. Contact Abby Manchesky Interiors for more information on available interior design services for clients near and far. abbyminteriors@gmail.com | 616.719.9400


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