an explorer 'big boy room'

I never know exactly where I will start when I'm designing a room. 
 First I consult with my clients on their needs and desires, but when push comes to shove, I need to be inspired by something.  The lightning bolt needs to hit my creative brain, and once that happens, I can see the whole room in my head.  

The minute I saw this ship painting, I had my gasp moment.  Thankfully my clients approved, and it was full speed ahead from there. :-)

I pulled together bedding to reflect the colors on this painting.  The white herringbone blanket would go underneath the patterned comforter, but folded back so a decent amount of white is showing.  Then the teal, Michigan-made wool blanket would cover the end of the bed.  I think it's nice to have layers of bedding in a kid's bedroom, especially in Michigan, because the temps fluctuate so greatly.  
I like this simple schoolhouse light with the gray stripes.  It's a classic piece that would carry this little boy through his teenage years.
Let's look at where we're starting.
I would ideally like to get a metal bed frame for the mattress, attach the headboard to that, and remove the footboard.  It feels overpowering in the room, but I'm not sure that's an option.  We'll see. :-)  The bed and long dresser are staying in the room...they are quality pieces the owners purchased before they moved into this home.

  I'd like to paint the walls in a light gray that looks either blue or green depending on the time of day: Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore.

I'd like to see the bookshelf get moved to the basement, and install ledge shelving (three rows) along this wall.  For now he can display his books, and as he gets older he can add art from school, certificates from camp, and any other goodies he'd like to display.

This tall dresser fits perfectly in his closet, so we get to keep the fantastic storage but free up some more play space in his room.  Essentially, I'd like to see this corner be a play corner for now.  

This pull-down map would go where the tall dresser sits and have three storage baskets for toys below for stuffed animals, or whatever he chooses!  I think it's important to include natural fibers, somehow, in every room.  What I like about these baskets is that they are a nice size, and they are solid!  They don't bed or break apart.  And the best part?  You can label them.  What parent doesn't appreciate a good label? 
I'd also throw in some red enamel hooks on this wall at just the right height.

Here is his dresser wall. The lamp will be replaced with a pharmacy table lamp, along with some travel/explorer accessories.

And most importantly, this amazing mirror.  I think it's ideal for a boy's room.  It's hard to make white feel masculine or outdoors-y.  This mirror does that!

When you put it all together, it looks a lot like this. 

What do you think?  
Is this a boy's bedroom you'd like in your home?  
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