East Grand Rapids design plans: laundry, bathroom, & guest room

One reason I love my job is because I have the opportunity to work with wonderful people.  I really enjoy the personal aspect of interior design.  But some clients are so in sync with me that my job is incredibly easy and fun!  Carly is one of those clients.  Today I presented some design plans for her basement and everything was approved.  We both want to live in her basement when we're done. ;-)

Let's start with the laundry room.  Think heated tile floors, mint green cabinetry, and open shelving.  

The floors look blue on the design board, but are actually a white textured tile with a hint of sparkle.  Nothing tacky, it just depends on how the light hits the tile.

We're adding cabinetry and open shelves for storage.  When using simple cabinetry, try making it more custom with interesting hardware that makes you happy.  
And this light fixture from Pottery Barn is the icing on the cake.  Just because the laundry room is for chores, doesn't mean you need to neglect style.  Make your everyday tasks more fun with intentional design!

Now onto the bathroom.  Carly wanted the bathroom to feel like a destination that you wanted to spend time in, basically the opposite of a basement bathroom.  Here's where we're headed.  She already had the glamorous mirror, so we based the bathroom on that vibe.  The tile is another example of using big box store materials in a more custom way.  

Love the sconces:
Finally, I was inspired to design the guest bedroom around this Merlot color scheme in the fabric:
A closet will be on either side of the bed, with the bed fitted in between.  The upholstered headboard will go to the ceiling, and sconces be mounted on the exterior closet walls.

The wine blanket will go at the end of the bed, and the grey herringbone blanket will be used as another layer between the sheets and the comforter.  I think it's important, especially in a basement setting, to give your guests multiple layers of bedding to choose from.  Because the chair is an inexpensive option, I suggested she use a plum colored sharpie and color the piping on the seat cushion plum.  Finally, this purple and turquoise bowl from West Elm seemed like the perfect landing spot for guest's jewelry.

Because the bones of the room are so neutral, if she ever tires of the berry/wine color scheme, she can easily change them out.  

I'm excited for construction on her basement to get started!  What's currently and unfinished dark space will soon be a destination for her family.  

Which room is your favorite?

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  1. That laundry room is fabulous! I'd definitely do more laundry in there. Where is the mirror in the bedroom from? I love its simplicity.

  2. Honestly? If I were your client I would be passed out from my joy! The attention to detail is just incredible and beautiful!

  3. The hardware in the laundry room is so unique and beautiful. Perfect choice! Where did you find them?

  4. I'm loving the laundry room. It just reinforces the fact that I've been wanting to do something with mine for a while now. I wallpapered it about 5 years ago & now I'm tired of it. I get bored easily.

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