color prediction for 2014

I never imagined I would say this, but I predict we will be seeing shades of purple {lilac, berry, plum, burgundy, and wine} everywhere in 2014.  

Contemporary Living Room by Toronto Interior Designers & Decorators barlow reid design

I've seen it done well in upholstery and I'm especially loving the shades in rugs.
                     Traditional Family Room by Other Metro Interior Designers & Decorators Andrea Brooks Interiors

If you're nervous about using lilac, try adding a soft throw.  But this lilac detail on the chair is fantastic.
                              Contemporary Living Room by New York Interior Designers & Decorators MuseInteriors

Purple doesn't need to feel dated!  Don't be scared.  Look at this fresh and fun breakfast nook!

I almost see lilac as a neutral.  It's so similar to gray, in that it makes the other colors you pair with it look better.

I adore these mossy green drapes with the lilac ottoman. This is the updated take on the hunter green and burgundy living rooms we saw in the 80's.

I think the trick to making sure your lilac doesn't feel cold and depressing is to pair it with a contrasting color.  Try gold, yellow, navy, emerald, or even fuchsia.  

Who knew a lilac sofa could look so good?  Leave it to Emily Henderson to make it work.

Another purple and burgundy breakfast nook that looks stylish.  

My friend Jill paired the merlot, pink, and navy colors together so well on her blog.  I'm telling you--these colors have arrived.  

This cover of Real Simple Magazine stopped me in my tracks. The plum is subtle, but doesn't it look gorgeous mixed with the teal, navy, and emerald?  I want to live in this cover.  

What do you think of my prediction?  Are you noticing shades of purple everywhere?  

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Have we connected?


  1. I totally agree! I see it coming back... Love these images you found, Abby!

  2. Abby I love this! I am working on plans for my little girls "big girl" room and new dark teal was my starting point. Then I found this gorgeous pillow with a hint of the teal and this gorgeous dark plum purple! Now I'm on the hunt for some floral fabric that will incorporate all the colors into the drapery. No luck yet but I'm hoping something so will catch my eye, at a reasonable price point! I totally agree that we will see a lot more purple shades next year!

    Kayla Dixon
    K.R. Dixon Designs

  3. I had a client that insisted on using this color. I wasn't too excited but must say, I ended up loving it in the end!

  4. I completely agree with your prediction. I've been thinking the same lately as it seems to be popping up everywhere. Nice collection of images.

  5. I
    totally agree that the deeper shades of lilac are going to be big. What's better
    than plum velvet, really. And you are so right about mixing it with
    warmer colors to take away the chill it can have in the lighter shades.
    I predict you will be right!!

  6. these are nice samples!! great decorating!


  7. I am finishing a beach house now with those shades mixed with blues and sand...it was a challenge at first...but I love the outcome!

  8. I started decorating my home in these colors. I was so nervous, but I love them. It feels great coming home to a relaxing space after a stressful day at work.

  9. Man....do I need to start over and add lilac to my home cause now I am in love after seeing those images....


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