classic bathroom e-design plan + updates

Hi all-
Can you believe it is already Wednesday?  I am ready for school to start (ours begins after Labor Day) so that we can get back to some type of normalcy and schedule around this ranch!

If you follow me on Instagram (abbyminteriors) you know I put together a classic master bathroom design on Friday.  My clients live outside of Baltimore, are friends of mine, and currently have what I would consider a builder-basic bathroom.  It's time for an update and here is where we are headed:

Let's talk about the details...
The tile materials are all from Home Depot.  Be encouraged that you can still have a custom looking bathroom with beautiful materials from a box store.  Try arranging them in a fresh way.  The tile mosaic is for the bathroom and shower floor, the subway tile shower wall will go up to the ceiling, and a thin black trim piece will be used to make a wide stripe toward the top of the shower.  
Similar to this, but the amount of tiles between the black lines would be wider.  You get the idea.
I found this fabulous vent on Amazon.  Crazy good looking, right?

I had originally planned for a double sconce, but we made the switch to my back-up sconces and they're so pretty!  
If you're a regular reader, you know how important lighting is to this designer.  This ceiling light will be a great fit with the rest of the bathroom.  A little sparkle works without feeling over the top because of the roughness of the natural stone tiles and the wood finish on the vanity.  

What do you think?  Is this classic bathroom a style you would like?  I'm hoping they add heated floors.  It's just the right thing to do. ;-)

In other news...

Our dog Hazel had her puppies!  Four boys and two girls to be exact.  Who wants one?!

We were back in Charlevoix this past weekend.  The morning sparkle on the water never gets old.  While we were walking the sidewalk sales I saw the most stylish woman.  She was older in age, wearing a starched white button-down shirt, pale pink fitted jeans, and she had silver grey hair with a wide pink highlight right by her face.  SHE LOOKED AWESOME.  I was this close to asking if I could take a picture with her because I totally wanted to be her when I'm older, but I thought that might be a odd. ;-)

Did you know northern Michigan looked like this?  Yeah.  It does.  You should visit. No filter, just beautiful.  

Finally, I've mentioned a few times that our master bedroom is the worst...last bedroom to be done in our home.  I'm still not finished, but I did find this lamp at my favorite resale shop in Grand Rapids.  And wouldn't you know it was on sale, 50% off!  I took it as a sign and scooted out of their with my find as fast as possible. 
 LOVE it in our bedroom.
Most recently, I twisted my husband's arm until he installed the drapes in our room.  The fabric is vintage Schumacher and I'm happy with how it looks and feels.  What do you think?
I apologize for the grainy photo.  When the room is really finished, I'll have Tracy take professional photos so I can share with you.

Thanks for reading all!  So glad you're here.  If we've never connected, please stay in touch via Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest!  
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  1. Beautiful Abby! Of course the lighting is spectacular and I love the use of the big box materials, something we can all relate to! Oh and your MBR is looking so fun!

  2. Pretty, pretty, my friend...all of it! Can't believe your a grandma to puppies. hee! hee! They're stinkin' precious.

  3. The bath you are designing is going to be stunning! Can't wait to see it completed.

    I bet your boys love the puppies. Does their crying keep you up at night? (the pups crying, not your boys)
    I just watched a show on Animal Planet that focused on new born puppies & was surprised at how noisy they can be.

    I love the direction your bedroom is going. That bright green with black accents...YUMMY!

  4. Love the tile choices!!! There's some really great budget friendly options I've been looking at for my own home. Similiar color scheme!!! Have a great vacation!

    K.R. Dixon Designs

  5. Hi Abby. Love those sconces!! You ARE queen of lighting! :-) The whole thing looks great. Just fyi I always admire stylish older women. They give me inspiration! And the bedroom looks amazingly you.

  6. Love your bathroom plan. And who knew all that great stuff would be at Home Depot?! I'm quickly starting to favor them over Lowes. And you know how much I love your bedroom drapes - that fabric is just the most beautiful green. Love it with the black!

  7. Love the lighting! You are the queen of lighting!
    Master bedroom is stunning!


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