Book (crush) Review: Tom Scheerer Decorates

There are some books that capture my designer's eye and make my heart skip a beat: Tom Scheerer Decorates by Mimi Read is that book.
This book is full of eye candy and inspiration.  Tom Scheerer has a classic style but always with an original twist.
Black walls and trim in the bedroom?   Yes, it can work and look amazing!

I adore this fabric on the drapes and the side chair above.  There is so much texture and pattern in the room but it still feels relaxing and not stuffy.

This book is all about details.  I have looked at this image at least seven times and I discover a new detail I love every time.  A stripe painted on the ceiling above the molding? Check. Lace cut-outs on the doors? Check.  Mismatched side chairs? Check.  An upholstered nook in the corner for quiet reading or visiting with people at the game table?  Check!  Form, function, and subtle beauty all come together in this living room.

I love the unexpected glossy red walls in this library.  I wouldn't necessarily think to pair them with these soft blue chairs, but I think they elevate the room!

These walls...

I've had clients that say "no birds!" but I would love this collection.  And this paneled ceiling?  YES!

Again with this wall treatment...I can't get enough.

Tom Scheerer doesn't mess around when it comes to walls.  He often uses gorgeous classic paper to make impact.

But my favorite wall treatment is tiling the walls instead of wallpaper.  Check out these kitchens!

Yes, this is tile on the walls.  Tempting, yes?

What to notice about this kitchen...
1) No upper cabinets.
2) Mixed metals on the hardware.
3) The room wouldn't be the same without that punch of turquoise in the lamp. 

I really loved everything about this book.  I know I will refer back to it for inspiration again and again.  If you would like your own copy, you can find it here.  Although I received my copy for free, my opinions here are totally my own.

What do you think of Tom Scheere's style?  Is this a book you could sink your teeth into?

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  1. All of his rooms look amazing. Except for the black bedroom. It's not the paint color that bothers me. I can do a black room. It's the short drapes. WHY????

  2. Ive added this one to my reading list! and I need another design book like a need another hole in my head.

  3. sold! I'm putting this in my amazon cart right now... I love his kitchens so different and beautiful... a break from the norm!

  4. Beautiful rooms and great comments. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. This might go on my Christmas list.

  5. He has a living room design that has wicker chairs, blue print drapes, a dash of pink (simple, sweet, textured, fresh!) that is one of my favorite living room designs-Ever. (http://pinterest.com/pin/6685099416471566/)


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